Phoenix Among Men Chapter 397

Red Phoenix turned his head to look angrily at that Xuan Yue Valley left inspector and said in an icy voice, “You dare to come here alone to seek revenge, you really don’t put my Red Phoenix Hall in your eyes!”

“Humph, just a group of reckless people, in my eyes, you are just ants, how can you enter my eyes?”

The Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman let out a cold laugh as his entire body instantly attacked towards Red Phoenix!

The speed of the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector was too fast, so fast that Red Phoenix barely had the time to react at all, and directly sent the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector flying out with a slap!

The titled Internal Energy Grandmaster, in front of this Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman, did not have the slightest power to fight back!

“Red Phoenix …………” Lin Tianhu, seeing this, tried to get up with difficulty and go over to take a look at Red Phoenix, but unfortunately at this moment he couldn’t get up at all!

“Bold madman, this is the provincial city, you dare to strike and hurt people, is there no king’s law in your eyes?”

Li Shouyi brought the people from the Dharma Protection Pavilion, because he was afraid that Su Yuqi was worried, so Li Shouyi did not inform Gu Ling’er, if Gu Ling’er knew about it, then Su Yuqi would definitely know about it too.

“Get lost ……” The Xuan Yue Valley left inspector glanced at Li Shouyi: “The Dharma Protection Pavilion is nothing in my eyes, if you don’t want to die, get lost far away!”

Li Shouyi froze, his face pulsing red and white with embarra*sment!

“Let’s all go together and kill him …………”

Seeing that the other party was not afraid of the Protector Pavilion at all, Red Phoenix could only use the advantage of numbers to stop this Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman!

“Kill …………”

Hundreds of people from the Red Phoenix Hall swarmed towards the Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman with weapons in hand!

Faced with the attack of hundreds of people, the corners of the Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman’s mouth raised, his face filled with disdain.

“Conceal the sky from the sea …………”

The Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman suddenly shouted explosively, the robe on his body waved, fiercely the entire sky suddenly became dark, rolling black fog gushed out from under the Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman’s robe, instantly blocking the sky and rendering the fingers invisible!

At this moment, the people of Red Phoenix Hall were in chaos, unable to see the direction at all, followed by a burst of miserable screams, each scream signifying that a person from Red Phoenix Hall had met with an untimely death!

“Hahahaha …… hahahaha ………… In my formation, I am the master, why don’t you all fold your hands! ”

That Xuan Yue Valley’s left inspector suddenly laughed wildly, his laughter was terrifying to the extreme!

Red Phoenix listened to the screams of her men, her heart was in agony, she knew that if these went on, all her men would die sooner or later, but she couldn’t order a retreat, now she could only use the lives of her men to stall for Chen Ping!

Red Phoenix’s heart was filled with torment, all these men had followed her faithfully for years, and to die one by one like this, Red Phoenix’s eyes turned crimson!

“Mr. Chen, please wake up quickly …………”

Lin Tianhu looked at that look of Red Phoenix, his heart ached and hissed piteously!

“Lin Tianhu, even if you die, you can’t let him rush into the villa, I’ll go first ……”

Red Phoenix said, rushing headlong into that thick black fog!

“Red Phoenix …………” Lin Tianhu clenched his fists and pounded the ground hard, his eyes filled with tears!

He loved Red Phoenix, he hadn’t confessed his love for her yet, but soon she was going to be gone forever!

The screams were still ringing out, each one stabbing deep into Lin Tianhu’s heart as he didn’t know which scream was coming from Chi Feng.

Li Shouyi, with the people from the Dharma Protection Pavilion, were looking on in awe. With such a tactic, even if Li Shouyi had wanted to help, there was nothing he could do.

Rumble …………

Suddenly, a sound of explosive thunder bar, followed by that white fog in the house where Chen Ping was suddenly became incomparably thicker, and then gathered into a giant sword, directly towards that ma*s of black fog!