Phoenix Among Men Chapter 398

The black mist collided with the white mist and disappeared without a trace, and the sky became brighter.

Red Phoenix was holding a long sword, his body was full of wounds, and he was looking at the Xuan Yue Gu’s left inspector in anger!

The Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector ignored Red Phoenix’s anger and instead looked with frightened eyes towards the house wrapped in white mist!

Clattering …………

A cracking sound rang out, the roof of the room instantly collapsed, only to see Chen Ping’s body wrapped in a faint aura, his entire body suspended in mid-air, as if a god had descended!

“How dare you call yourself a master with this crooked and evil path?”

Chen Ping’s eyes were filled with indifference, and with a flick of his large hand, a cloud of white mist instantly enveloped that Xuan Yue Valley’s Left Patrolman!

The crowd could only see that Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector struggling desperately in that white mist, as if he was in great pain!

Suddenly, the body of the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector didn’t move anymore, as if he was already dead!

Just as Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix were overjoyed, the white mist that had wrapped around the body of the Xuan Yue Valley’s Left Patrolman slowly began to penetrate into his opponent’s body!

Immediately afterwards, that Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector’s eyes snapped open and his body instantly rose into the air, facing Chen Ping in mid-air, from a distance!

“Hahahaha, how can you hurt me with such tactics, but this abundant spiritual energy in your body is just right for me to use!”

After the Xuan Yue Valley’s Left Patrolman finished speaking, his palms pushed forward, and a huge suction force was sucked towards Chen Ping!

It was as if Chen Ping’s body was in a huge whirlpool, which could be swallowed up at any moment!

Very quickly, Chen Ping felt the spiritual energy inside his body draining away at a rapid rate, surprisingly all of it was absorbed by that Xuan Yue Valley Left Patrolman!

“Hahahaha, hahahaha, such pure and abundant spiritual energy, after I have drained the spiritual energy from your body, I will bring you to Xuan Yue Valley to be sentenced ……”

The Xuan Yue Valley left inspector laughed with a rampant expression!

Feeling the loss of spiritual energy, Chen Ping was in no hurry, the corners of his mouth slightly raised in a smile.

The technique used by this Xuan Yue Gu’s Left Patrolman was similar to the Exterminator’s Star Absorbing Technique, these two techniques should be from the same lineage, but this Xuan Yue Gu’s Left Patrolman’s was more advanced!

“How can you still laugh at this time? I have to admire your guts ……”

The Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector was somewhat impressed when he saw that Chen Ping was not alarmed and was still laughing, but this would not make him feel the slightest bit of pity for Chen Ping, as the idea suction force grew stronger and stronger, and the spiritual energy drained from Chen Ping’s body faster and faster!

Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng below them watched as Chen Ping was wrapped in a swirling black mist, their faces turned ugly and their hearts were anxious, but there seemed to be nothing they could do at this time!

“Hahahaha, painful, too painful, so much spiritual energy, it will definitely allow me to increase my strength by a large step, and by then, there will be one of me in the position of Xuan Yue Valley Elder ……”

The Xuan Yue Valley left inspector was getting more and more proud!

“Haven’t you sucked enough?” Chen Ping asked unhurriedly.

“Enough? How can I, I want to suck all of your spiritual energy ……”

The Xuan Yue Valley’s left inspector sneered, his eyes full of complacency!

“If you are insatiable, you will end up with nothing ……”

Chen Ping shook his head slightly, and after a cold laugh, the Heart Condensation Skill within his dantian instantly flew into high gear!

A huge suction force instantly began to suck back the lost spiritual energy!

The left inspector of Xuan Yue Valley was just proud of himself when he suddenly realized that the spiritual energy inside his body had started to drain outwards, he was suddenly shocked and looked at Chen Ping with disbelief in his eyes!