Phoenix Among Men Chapter 399

“How can this be?” The Xuan Yue Valley’s Left Patrolman brought his spell to its fullest extent, but the enormous suction force on the opposite side was like a vast ocean, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t resist it!

“No, don’t, stop …………”

The Xuan Yue Valley’s left inspector felt that his body’s chances of spiritual energy were about to be sucked away!

“Why should I stop? Such a good cultivation resource is rare for me too, since you sent it to me yourself, how can I not accept the gift?”

Chen Ping let out a cold laugh as his Heart Condensing Technique ran faster once again!

“Ah …………”

The Xuan Yue Valley’s Left Patrolman let out a miserable cry, followed by his entire body beginning to age at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the end, after the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector had turned into a dried corpse, Chen Ping stopped, and the corpse of the Xuan Yue Valley Left Inspector fell directly to the ground!

Looking at the dried corpse of the Xuan Yue Gu Left Inspector on the ground, Li Shouyi, who was the Lord of the Dharma Protection Pavilion, was astonished, he had never seen such a situation before.

This was simply an immortal tactic, not even an internal energy master had been able to achieve this step, at this moment, Li Shouyi suddenly had a bold thought in his mind!

Chen Ping’s body instantly arrived in front of Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng, with a wave of his hand, a cloud of aura instantly wrapped around the two men, the two men felt a burst of relief in their bodies, the pain in their bodies disappeared, and immediately afterwards they felt their whole bodies were filled with strength!

“Many thanks to Mr. Chen …………”

Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu were overjoyed and followed Chen Ping to say thank you!

Chen Ping did not say anything, but swept a glance at those corpses on the ground, all of them had died to guard him.

Chen Ping’s eyes erupted with a murderous look as he looked to the southwest and said in a chilling voice, “Xuan Yue Valley, this blood debt, I will make you pay for it ……”

Thousands of kilometres away, Qian Feng, the Xuan Yue Valley’s valley master, was sitting on a chair, opening the black clay jar beside him and feeding the companions inside when his body suddenly trembled and his brows furrowed tightly.

At that very moment, as if stimulated, a parasite instantly sprang up and bit Qian Feng’s finger to death, a drop of blood dripped down inside the clay jar and was instantly sucked clean by those parasites!

And the parasite that bit Qian Feng, after its body twisted violently a few times, it instantly stopped moving and died directly!

“Dead again?”

Qian Feng froze and looked in the direction of Jiangbei with a gloomy face, “Jiangbei is about to change the sky!”

As Qian Feng finished speaking, a black mist instantly wrapped around his body, and the next second his body disappeared!

At this moment, outside the Jiang family villa, Red Phoenix had already sent people to clean up the scene, but with so many of his men dead, Red Phoenix was not in a good mood!

“Lin Tianhu, you go and accompany Chi Feng to take a break, I’m going to check on Yu Qi and the girls!”

Chen Ping had been cultivating for several days, and hadn’t seen Su Yuqi for the past few days, afraid that Su Yuqi would worry about herself!

“Mm!” Lin Tianhu nodded, “Mr. Chen, during the past few days of your seclusion, the Iron Gate Pavilion Master and that Martial Family Master have come, especially that Iron Gate Pavilion Master, he came almost once a day!”

“Mm, I know!” Chen Ping knew that that Iron Gate Pavilion Master must have come to make amends and apologize, fearing that he might hold a grudge against the Iron Gate Pavilion!

With Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu gone, Li Shouyi, who had been on the sidelines, walked up to Chen Ping at this time!

“Pavilion Master Li, I have to thank you for your help this time too!”

Chen Ping said to Li Shouyi.

Li Shouyi blushed, his face full of embarra*sment!

He hadn’t helped with anything here, just stood by the side, and those of his Guardian Pavilion men hadn’t even been hurt by the skin.