Phoenix Among Men Chapter 521

“Captain Xu, it’s getting late and Mr. Chen isn’t ready yet, can’t we stay in Hongcheng for the night?”

Bai Zhantang asked to that Captain Xu.

“I can’t, the order I got was only to pick him up and go to the southwest with him, it didn’t say we could stay and wait!”

Captain Xu finished speaking and turned towards the car, but the moment he turned around, he muttered in a small voice, “The young master of the Bai family is now a subordinate!”

“You …………” Bai Zhantang was furious, but that Captain Xu had already returned to the car!

“Mr. Chen, what do you think ……” Bai Zhantang looked at Chen Ping and cast a questioning look.

“I’m going to change my clothes, I’ll leave right away!” Chen Ping got up and changed his clothes, called Su Yuqi to say goodbye, then prepared to get in the car with Bai Zhantang and set off!

“Sorry, our car is full, you guys drive yourselves!”

Captain Xu rolled down the car window and threw out a cold sentence!

It could be seen that this Captain Xu was very emotional about coming to pick up Chen Ping to go to the southwest with him, only that he had been ordered to do so and he didn’t dare to disobey!

Chen Ping only smiled lightly, “Bai Zhan Tang, you drive!”

Bai Zhan Tang nodded, then drove himself, taking Chen Ping with him towards the southwest!

The four cars drove rapidly towards the southwest, and soon it became dark, but that Captain Xu and the others had no intention of stopping to rest.

“Mr. Chen, what should we do? This Xu Shimao is a reckless man, if it weren’t for his high strength, he would have been unable to stay in the Kyoto Protector’s Court long ago, no one likes him ……”

Seeing that the front was not stopping to rest at all, Bai Zhantang inquired to Chen Ping.

“Follow, they don’t stop, we don’t stop either, if you get tired, drive for me instead!”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“That’s not necessary, this bit of road is nothing!” Bai Zhantang shook his head!

Bai Zhan Tang yawned and rubbed his eyes hard as the car flew through the night, already driving into the southwest, with mountain pa*ses everywhere!

“If you’re tired, then I’ll drive instead!”

Chen Ping said to Bai Zhantang.

“Mr. Chen, it’s alright, I can still hold on!”

Bai Zhantang said as he opened his eyes with great force.

Seeing this, Chen Ping put one hand on Bai Zhan Tang’s shoulder and a pure spiritual energy was inputted into Bai Zhan Tang’s body, Bai Zhan Tang’s drowsiness suddenly disappeared and his whole body was much more refreshed!

At this moment, Bai Zhan Tang was extremely shocked, it seemed that his grandfather was right, Chen Ping was really an immortal cultivator, just now Bai Zhan Tang only felt a wave of relief in his body, all the drowsiness disappeared, he knew that this was Chen Ping feeding himself immortal power, thinking of this, Bai Zhan Tang became even more excited!

The sun was slowly rising, and the sun was already showing in the east, but Xu Shimao and his car in front of them still showed no sign of stopping to rest, not even to eat!

“These guys, are they all made of iron?” Bai Zhantang said in exasperation.

Just after Bai Zhan Tang’s words, suddenly a Mercedes-Benz behind them crashed crookedly towards their car!

Bai Zhan Tang was shocked and hurriedly stopped the car with a kick of the brakes, this was a mountain road and there was a cliff next to it, if they hit it and crashed the car under the cliff, they wouldn’t survive!

“D*mn it, how can you drive!” Bai Zhantang cursed loudly in anger!

But the car rushed ahead, still twisting and turning, heading down the cliff!

Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly opened the car door, only to see a human figure heading towards the Mercedes!

Boom ……

After a loud bang, the Mercedes changed direction, only to crash towards the mountain on the side of the road, and then stopped!

Bai Zhan Tang hurriedly got out of the car, he saw that Chen Ping was standing on the side of the road cliff at this moment, it was Chen Ping who just made the car change direction with a punch!