Phoenix Among Men Chapter 588

Chang Yuan Jun nodded, “Master Yuan told you to wait, so you can wait ……”

The girl dodged to the side, while that Yuan Baozhong went up and directly grabbed Chang Yuan’s right hand.

Only to see that all five fingers of Chang Yuan’s right hand had become black and blood was constantly flowing from the fingers, and there was a putrid smell.

“Leader, how exactly did your son get injured?”

Yuan Baozhong asked.

“I heard from the cla*smate who was with him that my son was bitten by something and hurt his fingers, and as a result he fainted on his own, then his head fell heavily to the ground and has been like this ever since, but I have found many expert professors and done all kinds of lab tests, my son is not poisoned and his brain was checked to be normal, but he just can’t wake up, and he has to rely on a ventilator to maintain ……”

Chang Yuanjun said!

“Bite wound?” Yuan Baozhong looked at Chang Yuan’s blackened finger and frowned slightly, “Then is there no way for the wound on your son’s hand to heal?”

“Yes, it just keeps bleeding and watering like this, you have to change the gauze soaked in disinfected water frequently to do so, or else it will rot and stink over time, and can even give birth to maggots ……”

When Chang Yuan Jun said more, his eyes unconsciously looked at his son, his eyes were full of heartache!

“That’s right, if my guess is good, your son was bitten by the poisonous insects of the Miao Village, which means that your son’s unconsciousness is due to poisoning and not any other reason ……”

Yuan Baozhong said.

“Miaozhai poisonous insects?” Chang Yuanjun frowned, “Then why did all kinds of laboratory tests done, but failed to find signs of poisoning?”

Yuan Baozhong smiled lightly, “Leader, if the laboratory tests could find out the cause of the poisoning, I guess you wouldn’t need to ask me to do it, right? In this world, there are still many things that the instruments can’t check out!”

When Chang Yuanjun heard that, he could only smile awkwardly, what Yuan Baozhong said was indeed true, if those expert professors could look good, he wouldn’t have to invite Yuan Baozhong!

“Then Master Yuan, now that you know the cause, can you cure my son?”

Chang Wanjun asked impatiently.

“I can only say to try, this Miao Village poison mastery is very powerful and I have never seen it before, but this Kyoto is thousands of miles away from the Miao Village, how can there be Miao Village poisonous insects here?”

Yuan Baozhong was puzzled, it was impossible for the Miao Village’s poisonous insects to fly to Kyoto on their own!

“Master Yuan, first of all, regardless of how the poisonous insects came, please also ask Master Yuan to quickly help heal my son ……”

Right now Chang Wanjun only wants Yuan Baozhong to cure his son, as for how the poisonous insect came, he doesn’t care anymore, after all it’s been over a year!

“Alright, I’ll give it a try ……”

Yuan Baozhong nodded, then pulled out a small cloth bag from his body, inside it lay a row of silver needles, of different sizes, the thinnest of which was afraid to be only the thickness of cow hair!

Seeing that Yuan Baozhong was going to heal his son, Chang Yuanjun’s hands clasped together nervously.

“Mr. Chen, is this Yuan Baozhong right?”

Zhao Wuji asked as he looked at Chen Ping.

He didn’t quite believe it, how could there be Miao Zhai’s poisonous insects in this Kyoto, besides if those people from the Miao Zhai were to come to the capital, they must have all reported in advance at their Protector’s Pavilion, otherwise if they let these poison playing Miao Zhai people run around, wouldn’t the whole country be in chaos!

“He’s right and he’s not right!” Chen Ping smiled faintly!

“What do you mean?” Zhao Wuji had a puzzled look on his face.

“He was only half right, although the person on the bed’s finger was indeed bitten by the poisonous insect, so it was difficult to heal and also rotten and festering, but being in a coma for over a whole year was in no way due to the poisonous insect taking a bite ……”

Chen Ping explained!

“Then because of what?” Zhao Wuji asked curiously.

But before Chen Ping could answer, he only saw that Yuan Baozhong turned his head to look at Chen Ping: “What? Do you mean that I am wrong in my reading? If you’re capable, you come and try, stop pointing at the back, what’s the point of pretending?”