Phoenix Among Men Chapter 593

“Master Yuan, what’s wrong with my son? What is going on?”

Chang Yuanjun questioned loudly at Yuan Baozhong.

“Leader take it easy, I’ll see what’s going on right away?”

Yuan Baozhong said, only to see his hands swiftly slapping towards Chang Yuan on the bed, and with each slap, a large stream of black gas came out of Chang Yuan’s mouth!

“Ahhhhh …………”

Chang Yuan’s mouth was still emitting creepy screams inside!

Chang Yuan, whose eyes were scarlet, was like a beast at this moment, staring at Yuan Baozhong with a deadly stare, as if he wanted to kill Yuan Baozhong with this terrifying look!

Yuan Baozhong’s scalp tingled as he watched Chang Yuan’s appearance, and a cold sweat had already started to form on his forehead!

He didn’t know how Chang Yuan had become like this, and now Yuan Baozhong could only try his best to keep forcing the toxin outwards to Chang Yuan!

Inside the hall, Zhao Wuji listened to the commotion inside the bedroom and his face changed slightly as he said, “Mr. Chen, what’s happening inside?”

“Nothing, just sit tight!” Chen Ping leisurely sipped his tea, not the least bit worried!

“Mr. Chen, leader Chang can’t be okay, if something happens to the leader, it will be a problem ……”

Zhao Wuji didn’t dare to let anything happen to Chang Wanjun, as the head of the Kyoto Protector Pavilion, his accusation was to guard the safety of Kyoto and protect these leaders!

If something happens to Chang Yuan Jun now, Zhao Wuji and also at the scene, that certainly can not escape responsibility, this is afraid of a capital crime!

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to the leaders, in less than three minutes, they will come out!”

Chen Ping said as he looked at the time!

Zhao Wuji saw that Chen Ping was so sure of himself, he couldn’t say anything, he could only look at the direction of the bedroom with an anxious face!

The toxins in Chang Yuan’s body seemed to be inexhaustible, and the entire bedroom was filled with black fog and a disgusting smell.

But just as Yuan Baozhong wanted to slap at Chang Yuan again, suddenly a black insect flew out from Chang Yuan’s open mouth.

When Yuan Baozhong saw this, his face suddenly changed, “Puppet worm, this is a puppet worm, run, run ……”

The puppet insect was blocked by a net woven with red threads in front of Yuan Baozhong’s body!

And at this time, both Chang Yuanjun and Zou Zhaolong were dumbfounded, still dumbfounded at what was happening in front of them, they didn’t understand how a person who had been unconscious for over a year could suddenly have worms flying out of his mouth.

And what Yuan Baozhong said about the puppet worms, they didn’t know anything about it, they didn’t know what a puppet worm was at all!

When Yuan Baozhong saw that Chang Yuanjun and Zou Zhaolong were still not moving, he hurriedly shouted once again, “Run, run out ……”

Yuan Baozhong knew he wouldn’t last long at all, knowing that this puppet worm was the most famous poisonous worm in the Miao Village, capable of controlling people’s minds, and the person controlling the puppet worm could also kill the person being controlled at any time!

The bigger the puppet insect, the harder it is to deal with. The puppet insect Yuan Baozhong is facing is the size of a child’s fist, and if he can control such a large puppet insect, he must be no ordinary person in the Miao Village.

Although Yuan Baozhong did not know who dared to lay the puppet worm on his son in the Miao Village with such a big leader as Chang Wanjun, the other party must be a high ranking person and had no fear of Chang Wanjun’s identity!

When Yuan Baozhong yelled again, Chang Yuanjun and Zou Zhaolong reacted and hurriedly grabbed the door.

When Yuan Baozhong saw the two men running out, he flickered and hurriedly retreated as well, closing the door behind him!

After closing the door, Yuan Baozhong realised that his legs were shaking badly and his body was already drenched in sweat!