Phoenix Among Men Chapter 611

Without waiting for Long Wu to answer him, he only saw four people wearing identical clothes and helmets similar to those on their heads walking over, with only one pair of eyes showing outside.

Looking at the four men who suddenly appeared, Chen Ping was stunned, because he felt that the aura of these four men was obviously much more powerful than his, and they looked to be one level higher than that barbarian bull.

It seemed that Kyoto was really a place where crouching tigers hid dragons, in just one night, Chen Ping had seen so many experts, and all of them were capable of killing him in seconds.

When Long Wu saw the four people coming, he did not have the slightest expression, but just quietly looked at the four people.

The four men walked up to Chen Ping and Long Wu, one of them just casually glanced at the already dead Barbarian Bull, and then said to Long Wu, “Long Wu, you know the rules of Kyoto, in this downtown area, it is not permitted for cultivators to fight, what if they hurt innocent people?”

“Team Xing, it was that barbarian bull who started it, see these wounds? They’re all the work of the barbarian bull ……”

Long Wu pointed at the wounds on Chen Ping’s body and said.

“No need for you to explain, I already knew about it, but let me remind you, how your Long family fights, I don’t care, but if you hurt innocent people, then don’t blame me for being rude ……”

Team Xing said coldly.

“Understood!” Long Wu nodded, obviously still somewhat afraid of the man in front of him!

Seeing Long Wu agree, Team Xing waved his hand towards the barbarian bull’s corpse on the ground, not knowing what magic technique he used, only to see that the barbarian bull’s corpse had actually disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the crater that had been smashed out on the ground had directly recovered.

Chen Ping was dumbfounded by this. He really could not see how capable this man was in front of him.

However, Chen Ping had already guessed the identity of these people in front of him, they should be the part of the people that Chang Wanjun and Zhao Wuji had mentioned, the people who were not bound by anyone and were in charge of the security of Kyoto.

The four men came and went as quickly as they came, and from the beginning to the end, they did not even look at Chen Ping, for he was like an ant in their eyes.

As the four men walked back, Long Wu looked at Chen Ping and walked towards the exit of the alley, but what Chen Ping wanted to know, Long Wu had not yet said, he could not just let Long Wu go, otherwise he did not know when he would be able to know his life.

Chen Ping caught up with Long Wu and stopped him in his tracks: “Tell me, what am I really? And who are you? Do you know Old Dragon Head?”

Chen Ping inquired with an anxious look on his face.

“I told you, after the 15th of July, you will also understand, ask me now, I will not tell, you quickly take the elixir I gave you and go back, this body of yours, it is really too weak ……”

Long Wu looked at Chen Ping and faintly shook his head.

After dodging around Chen Ping, Long Wu continued to walk towards the outside of the alley, only this time Chen Ping didn’t try to stop Long Wu, because he knew, Long Wu didn’t want to talk, it was useless for him to stop, and if Long Wu wanted to go, he couldn’t stop him either!

“Qi sinks into the dantian and the yin and yang turns, flesh and bones are separated and blood flows dry, all the organs and bowels are shattered, the body quenching dan is transformed ……”

Long Wu muttered something as he walked, but Chen Ping could hear it clearly!

Listening to Long Wu’s words, at first Chen Ping frowned slightly, not understanding what Long Wu was talking about at all, but a moment later, Chen Ping took out the pills Long Wu gave him and his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Body Tempering Pill, this is a Body Tempering Pill?”

Surprise appeared on Chen Ping’s face, it looked like this pa*sage that Long Wu had just muttered was actually a body hardening mantra that was used to harden the body.

Thinking of this, Chen Ping wanted to follow Long Wu to say thank you, but when he looked up, there was no sign of Long Wu anywhere.

Chen Ping excitedly took the Body Tempering Pill back to the hotel and directly locked the door to his room. Chen Ping sat on the bed with his knees crossed and took the Body Tempering Pill given by Long Wu, and Chen Ping swallowed it in one gulp.