Phoenix Among Men Chapter 649

Old Gun looked at Chen Ping: “You guys didn’t offend me, but you offended the wrong people, and someone told you to get lost, got it?”

“Understood ……” Chen Ping nodded, it seemed he had guessed correctly.

After saying that, Chen Ping walked around Old Gun and these people and headed inside the hotel.

When Old Gun saw that Chen Ping had actually ignored them and walked straight inside, he immediately reached out his hand in preparation to stop Chen Ping.

But just as Old Gun reached out, Lin Tianhu also made his move, directly grabbing that Old Gun’s arm and twisting it off with a slight force.

“Ah …………”

The intense pain made the old cannon hiss.

Chen Ping acted as if he hadn’t heard the scream and continued to walk inside, while Red Phoenix was also smiling, “Lin Tianhu, I’ll leave these people to you, I’m going to sleep ……”

“No ah, wait for me half a minute, we sleep together ……”

Lin Tianhu immediately became anxious when he saw that Red Phoenix was also leaving.

Now Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix two people have long slept together, both have reached their age, so there is no preoccupation.

The people that Old Gun brought with him were directly blown by the strong wind and could not stand up.

Lin Tianhu hurriedly chased after Red Phoenix, while Zhou Wei, who was hiding behind a tree at the moment, saw the situation and was so shocked that his eyes fell out of his head and he sat down on the ground with a poof.

Chen Ping returned to his room and stood by the window looking at the lush mountain forest not far away. He wondered how many more rare herbs there would be in this mountain forest.

After watching for a while, Chen Ping lay down on his bed and prepared to sleep, but the voices of Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix came from the next room, which made Chen Ping look helpless and could only get up and sit on his knees, the sound insulation of this small hotel was really too poor.

Feeling the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, the spiritual energy here was obviously much stronger than that of Hong Cheng, although for a realm like Chen Ping, such spiritual energy was only a drop in the bucket, but since he could not sleep anyway, Chen Ping cultivated.

After a whole night of cultivation, the spiritual energy within Chen Ping’s dantian barely moved in the slightest, relying on this heaven and earth spiritual energy alone, it was no longer of much use to Chen Ping.

At this moment, Lin Tianhu knocked on the door, asking Chen Ping to have breakfast and then go to the Zhou family together, before Zhou Zhiqian took them to the Shen family to discuss the matter of the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King.

Chen Ping opened the door and Lin Tianhu said with a smile on his face, “Mr. Chen, are you still used to staying in this small hotel room?”

“Well, it’s quite good, but the sound insulation is a bit poor ……”

Chen Ping said with a wry smile.

Hearing Chen Ping say that, Lin Tianhu just froze, while the red phoenix at the side gave a red face and hurriedly ran downstairs.

Lin Tianhu also reacted and smiled with a face full of embarra*sment.

The three of them went downstairs to have some breakfast, while Zhou Zhiqian had sent Zhou Wei to pick up Chen Ping and the others by car early on.

After seeing the three Chen Ping, Zhou Wei’s whole face turned ugly, not daring to look Chen Ping and the others in the eye, especially Lin Tianhu, who was shivering all over as Zhou Wei got closer to Lin Tianhu, because that scene last night had really shocked him too much.

“You guy, it’s not like I’m a tiger that eats people, do you have to be scared like this?”

Lin Tianhu asked with a funny face as he looked at Zhou Wei like that.

How could Zhou Wei dare to reply, he could only stare ahead and lead Chen Ping and the others to the Zhou family.

But Chen Ping had just arrived at the Zhou house when they saw Zhou Zhiqian with Zhou Zhicheng at the door, while that Zhou Zhicheng was kneeling on the ground with his hands tied behind his back.