Phoenix Among Men Chapter 652

When Lin Tianhu saw the eyes of the crowd falling on him, he felt uncomfortable and hurriedly pointed at Chen Ping: “This is Mr. Chen, the divine doctor whose medicine can cure all diseases ……”

Seeing Lin Tianhu say that Chen Ping was a divine doctor, everyone in the Shen family was stunned, their eyes filled with disbelief.

“Yes, this is Mr. Chen, don’t look at Mr. Chen as young, his medical skills are a match for Hua Tuo’s ……”

Zhou Zhiqian also pointed at Chen Ping and said.

Seeing Zhou Zhiqian say this, only then did a trace of belief appear in the Shen family’s eyes.

“Uncle Zhou, since he is a divine doctor, then please bother to give my father a visit, as long as he can cure my father, my Shen family will have heavy thanks ……”

Seeing this, Shen Lang hurriedly said to Zhou Zhiqian.

How could Zhou Zhiqian dare to make the decision, he could only turn back to look at Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, what do you think?”

“I can cure the disease, but before I do, we’d better make things clear ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“Yes, yes, let’s make it clear first, so that there won’t be a verbal argument later ……”

Zhou Zhiqian nodded his head repeatedly.

“Say it, how much do you want?” Shen Lang asked to Chen Ping.

After all, people had come from thousands of miles from Guan’in, so it was not too much to negotiate the price before seeing the doctor, and Shen’s family was not unreasonable people.

“I don’t want any money!” Chen Ping shook his head, “I will heal your father, but you must guarantee that the 10,000 year old ginseng king can only be sold to me, and you must let me see the goods first ……”

As soon as Chen Ping’s words left his mouth, all of the Shen family members were stunned, while that Shen Lang’s face sank and he said, “So you’re here for the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King? What the hell is going on here, Uncle Zhou? If you want the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King, given the friendship between our two families, we will naturally sell it to you first as long as the price is right, but you brought a so-called divine doctor to treat my father’s illness and then blackmailed my Shen family with it, isn’t that a bit unreasonable?”

Zhou Zhiqian hurriedly explained, “Nephew, you misunderstood, Mr. Chen did come here for the 10,000-year ginseng king, but he is indeed a miracle doctor who can cure your father’s illness, I definitely have no intention to blackmail your Shen family with this. …”

“I just want to see something and buy your Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King, it’s not like I won’t pay you, who are you selling it to? You just need to sell me the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King, and I will keep your father safe ……”

Chen Ping looked at Shen Lang and said indifferently.

When Shen Lang heard it, absolutely what Chen Ping said was reasonable, it was a sale to whomever you sold it to, as long as the price was right, and Chen Ping could also cure his father’s illness.

“Okay, I promise you, you first give my father a good look at his illness, I promise to sell you the 10,000 year old ginseng king ……”

Shen Lang nodded his head after thinking for a while and said.

“I need to see something first ……”

Chen Ping did not feel the presence of the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng King in the Shen family, so he had to see something first before he could, if he was cheated by the Shen family, then who would Chen Ping go to for a theory ……

Chen Ping wanted to see something first, which made Shen Lang directly silent, Shen Lang’s brow slightly frowned as if he was considering something.

“Xian nephew, it’s just a look, it’s not like anything will be missing if you take a look, this request from Mr. Chen is considered reasonable ……”

Zhou Zhiqian saw that Shen Lang hesitated, so he persuaded at the side.

However, Shen Lang still did not speak, and the rest of the Shen family were also silent.

Seeing this group situation, Zhou Zhiqian frowned, “Xian nephew, you don’t have the 10,000 year ginseng king at all, do you?”

“No, no, no, uncle Zhou, our Shen family definitely has a 10,000 year ginseng king, it’s just that …… it’s just that this ginseng king ……”

Just as Shen Lang was about to tell the reason, an excited voice suddenly came out, “Lang’er, I’ve invited the director of Fengtian First People’s Hospital to treat big brother, big brother is saved ……”