Phoenix Among Men Chapter 679

Chen Ping slowly walked to the ring, while the others sat underneath it, quietly waiting for the bout to begin.

“Chen Ping, if you have any last words, say them right here on top of the ring, I won’t let you walk out of the ring ……”

Looking at Chen Ping who walked onto the stage, Qin Xiaolin said coldly.

Qin Xiaolin’s voice was so loud that everyone in the entire stadium could clearly hear it, so it was clear that this bout was not going to end in death.

“This is likewise what I am going to ask you, what other last words you have, say them to your brothers on the stage right here above the ring, because you can’t go on either ……”

Chen Ping looked at Qin Xiaolin, a green mane shining in his eyes, without the slightest fear.

“Arrogant ……”

Qin Xiaolin stepped out, and boom the whole ring trembled above, even the whole stadium could feel the tremor, many people’s bodies began to shake.

Rumble …………

As if a thunderstorm rang out in the sky, Qin Xiaolin took this step and a white wave of Qi instantly tumbled up above the ring, like a sharp sword towards Chen Ping, the two men were tens of metres apart, but the wave of Qi arrived in an instant.

This blow, Qin Xiaolin used all his life’s internal energy, because he did not want to follow Chen Ping too much trembling, after all, he is now a martial arts sect strength, as the saying goes, the name of the man is the shadow of the tree, he wants to establish prestige in front of the martial arts community, he must kill Chen Ping in one blow.

As they watched the scene in the ring, all the people on the stage were astonished, many of them had never seen an expert of the Martial Sect realm strike, and now that they were seeing this shocking scene with their own eyes, they were all stunned.

Boom …………

The wave of air rolled over and when it reached Chen Ping, it was like a huge explosion like a grenade, the sound was so loud that it shook the sky and made the ears of the people present buzz.

Chen Ping’s figure was instantly buried by the smoke and dust, and the aftermath spread in all directions, with the people sitting in the front row feeling a strong wind hit them, followed by the seats beneath them becoming shattered!

But no one was hurt. Those who could sit in the front row were all experts and would not have been hurt by the aftershocks, otherwise they would not have dared to sit in the front.

“It’s over, it’s over, this is the fastest fight I’ve ever seen, this Chen Ping didn’t even manage to take a single move ……”

“That move Qin Xiaolin just made, even if it was a peak Grand Master, it would be hard to resist it hard, right?”

“It’s too strong, a Martial Sect is just too powerful!”

The crowd looked at the front row, which was all wrecked by the aftershocks, and a*sociated it with Chen Ping above the ring, that there was definitely no hope left.

When Su Yuqi under the ring saw this scene, tears instantly welled up in her eyes, and after being shocked for a while, she got up and wanted to run towards the ring, but was held down by Gu Ling’er.

“Chen Ping, Chen Ping ………… you can’t die, you can’t die ……”

Su Yuqi hissed piteously, causing many people on the side to cast pitying glances.

Bai Xiushan, Zhao Wuji and the others also had ugly faces, their hands sweating for Chen Ping, they knew Chen Ping’s status, it shouldn’t be possible that he couldn’t even defeat one move, right?

“Hmph, with these two moves, you dare to go against my Qin family, you really don’t know how to live and die ……”

Qin Xiaotian looked at Bai Xiushan and the others at the side with a smug look on his face and coldly snorted.

“Grand Elder, this …… is too fast, isn’t it?”

Yu Dong said with some surprise as he looked at Chen Ping, who was drowned in smoke and dust above the ring.

Xu Changsheng, on the other hand, frowned slightly and shook his head, “I didn’t expect this Qin Xiaolin to be so powerful anymore, it seems that I overestimated this Chen Ping.”

“Uncle Long, Chen Ping, he …………”

At this moment, Wu Mei’er’s mouth was also slightly open, her face full of surprise, she did not expect such a result, because Long Wu had not yet had the time to save Chen Ping.