Phoenix Among Men Chapter 702

“Long Wu, you guy is just stubborn, the current Long family has long changed, where is the previous Long family that you serve, I heard that another young master suddenly appeared in your Long family, now the Long family has issued a hunt order, the honorarium is three crystals, if I didn’t have some friendship with you Long Wu, I would f*cking want to take the mission, and your Missy ……”

“Alright, I’m calling you because I have something to ask you, don’t nag, you should keep your nose out of the Dragon Family’s affairs ……”

Seeing that Ding Buzan was chattering on and on, Long Wu hurriedly interrupted him and stole a glance at Chen Ping, obviously there were some things he didn’t want Chen Ping to know just yet, but the fact that the Dragon Family was so generous also startled Long Wu, in order to catch Chen Ping, the Dragon Family was willing to shell out three crystals.

The family had to know that crystals were a necessary cultivation resource for immortal cultivators, hundreds of times more advanced than spirit stones, and one spirit stone was enough for a cultivator like Chen Ping to cultivate for a year or more.

But as Chen Ping listened to Ding Buzan’s words, he seemed to understand something himself, but not all of it, there were still many mysteries in his heart, now he could only wait until the 15th day of the seventh month to talk about it.

“There is something, you can ask, I have to know everything to say ……”

Ding Buzan said.

“Do you still remember Wu Mei’er?” Long Wu asked.

“Wu Mei’er?” Ding Buzan hesitated but didn’t say anything, obviously not remembering.

“It’s the baby girl you picked up twenty years ago and gave to me to raise ……”

Long Wu said.

“Oh, come to think of it, why did you remember to ask about her? Did something happen?”

Ding Buzan said with an oh.

“When you picked up Mei’er, where were you? Was it just Mei’er by herself on the roadside at that time? Did you see her parents? Do you know where her family is from?”

Long Wu asked several questions in one breath.

Ding Buzan thought for a moment and said, “When I picked up this girl, her parents were still holding her, her parents gave her to me, I didn’t want her at that time, but her parents begged me on their knees to take her away ……”

When Long Wu heard this, he became anxious and questioned loudly, “Didn’t you f*cking say she was an orphan? How come she was given to you by her parents again?”

At that time Ding Bu San said Wu Mei Er was an orphan, Long Wu only agreed to adopt, if he knew Wu Mei Er had parents, Long Wu would have returned Wu Mei Er to her parents, after all, the child is so small, it is best to be around her parents, Long Wu is a big man, it is not convenient to take care of.

“Look at you, why are you still in a hurry, she is an orphan ah, when her parents gave me the child after they all died ……”

Ding Buzan explained.

“Dead? How did they die? Aren’t you known as the divine doctor’s sage? There’s no one you can’t save, how come you still managed to watch two people die?”

Long Wu said with a puzzled look on his face.

“When I saw the girl’s parents, her parents had long since been too deeply poisoned, even if a great golden immortal came, they couldn’t be saved, not to mention that her parents were poisoned with the Miao Village’s bee poison, how could I save them?”

Ding Buzan said in a very unhappy manner.

“Miao’s bee poison? Did the people from the Miao Village kill Mei’er’s parents?”

Long Wu frowned slightly.

“Then I don’t know, I saw that the girl’s parents were dead, so I buried them and left the girl to you!” Ding Bu San said and suddenly yawned, “I’m still awake, I’m too sleepy, I’m going back to sleep ……”

With that, Ding Buzan hung up the phone.

Long Wu held the phone and was flabbergasted for a moment, since Wu Mei’er’s parents were poisoned by the Miao Village’s bee, then it must be the Miao Village’s people who killed her parents, and it was known that the Miao Village’s poisonous bees were extremely strong and toxic, only that raising these poisonous bees was very troublesome, so the Miao Village rarely used the poisonous bees.