Phoenix Among Men Chapter 717

“Of course you can, if the Heavenly Martial Sect is willing to follow my Miao Cottage and make peace, my Miao Cottage raises its hands in approval ……”

When the Miao King heard this, he was wildly happy inside!

The Miao Sect and the Tianwu Sect were not the only sects in Southwest China, but there were only so many cultivation resources in Southwest China, and everyone wanted to occupy a bigger territory, or else the Miao King would not have secretly instructed his righteous son Qian Feng to put his hands on the north of the river.

However, because of the years of fighting between the Miao Sect and the Tianwu Sect, both sides have almost lost, making it difficult to develop, which has allowed the other sects to climb in strength, while the Miao Sect’s strength has stagnated.

Now many of the clan’s stewards have stepped into the Martial Sect realm, but King Miao is still stuck at the peak of Grand Master, without the slightest sign of a breakthrough, which makes him anxious.

This was also the reason why he was anxious to practice the Corpse King, if the Miao Sect could really practice the Corpse King, they would not be afraid of other sects.

“Since King Miao agrees, then the previous grudges between our Heavenly Martial Sect and the Miao Cottage are written off, in order to express my Heavenly Martial Sect’s sincerity, I have specially brought a little something good to King Miao this time ……”

After Xia Chao finished speaking, one of the attendants behind him hurriedly took out a gla*s bottle from his arms, and the gla*s bottle contained very clear water.

The Miao King looked at the water inside the gla*s bottle and said with some doubts, “Mr. Xia, isn’t this just ordinary mountain spring water? Is it still some kind of treasure?”

“King Miao doesn’t know, since our two families have made peace and allied, the secrets of my Heavenly Martial Sect will not be kept secret from you. Do you know why the strength of my Heavenly Martial Sect has increased dramatically in these few years, with more than a dozen Grand Masters alone, and my father has even stepped into the Martial Sect realm, breaking through the peak Grand Master realm that had plagued him for ten years?”

Xia Chao asked with a few mysterious smiles on his face.

King Miao shook his head, “I don’t know, I still hope that Duke Xia will say it clearly ……”

The Miao King was eager to know why the Heavenly Martial Sect had suddenly increased in strength dramatically, even the rest of the Miao Cottage also wanted to know, so one by one they all pricked up their ears and listened.

At this moment, only Chen Ping’s eyes were fixed dead on the bottle of water that Xia Chao took out, because he actually felt the presence of spiritual energy from that bottle of water.

It was obvious that the gla*s bottle could not have spirit energy, so it must be the water inside that emitted spirit energy.

How could water contain spiritual energy?

Could this be spiritual spring water?

As Chen Ping was pondering, Xia Chao continued, “I’m not going to hide it from King Miao, the place where my Heavenly Martial Sect is located, a mountain spring suddenly appeared three years ago. This mountain spring water, not only can improve strength, but also heal injuries and cure diseases, my father broke through to the Martial Sect realm because he drank this mountain spring water ……”

Xia Chao’s words caused the Miao King to instantly freeze, while the five Dali heads were all full of incredulity.

To talk about the spring water on the mountain, there were also many mountain springs on the territory of the Miao Village, and the water flowing out of the mountain springs, converging together to become streams, flowed through the territory of the Miao Village, many people in the Miao Village also drank the mountain spring water, so how come they did not feel that the mountain spring water could also enhance their physique?

“Mr. Xia is not lying to me, right? Mountain spring water can strengthen the body and also allow people to break through the realm?”

King Miao was somewhat unconvinced, this was too outrageous, the realm that he had failed to break through for ten years, once he drank the mountain spring water, he was able to break through, this was a bit unbelievable.

“Miao King, what’s the use of me lying to you? If you don’t believe me, I brought some of the mountain spring water, just taste it yourself.”

Xia Chao handed the mountain spring water in his hand to King Miao.