Phoenix Among Men Chapter 723

Now the Miao King was watching, which made Chen Ping a little embarra*sed, but at this moment Chen Ping did not stop Xiao Lan, one hand kept feeding Xiao Lan with spiritual energy, while the other hand was in a defensive posture, afraid of the Miao King’s sudden attack.

He did not know what kind of medicine the Miao King had given to Xiao Lan, but the effect of the medicine was so great.

And the Miao King at the side looked at this, his eyes were scarlet and he was burning with rage: “Chen Ping, I’ll get you to death …………”

He knew that Xiaolan was something that King Miao had worked hard to raise for twenty years and was going to enjoy for himself, but now he was actually being held in Chen Ping’s arms, how could King Miao not be angry.

King Miao slapped out a palm towards Chen Ping, but did not use his full strength, he was afraid of hurting Xiaolan, and then there was no way to explain after the Heavenly Martial Sect.

Chen Ping was tangled up in Xiaolan’s arms, so he had no way to resist the slap.

At this moment, he could not care less about Xiaolan’s clothes, he had to find a place to take the effect of Xiaolan’s medicine first, as Chen Ping was afraid that if he continued like this, he would not be able to control himself and put Xiaolan to sleep.

When he saw Chen Ping running away with Xiaolan in his arms, the Miao King hurriedly chased after him, while other members of the Miao village who heard the commotion also came towards him with torches.

Holding Xiaolan in his arms, Chen Ping sped away. After pulling away a distance, Chen Ping took out a pack of silver needles, and then quickly stabbed down at Xiaolan’s three major acupuncture points: Renzhong, Huimen and Tiantu.

Using spiritual power alone, Chen Ping could not suppress the medicinal effects in Xiaolan’s body, so he could only use acupuncture to force out the medicinal power.

After the three needles were inserted, Xiaolan’s original frantic movements instantly stopped and she looked at Chen Ping in a daze, and after a few seconds, she spat out a mouthful of black blood with a wow sound.

Xiao Lan’s eyes instantly became clear and the frenzy in her eyes subsided, although her face was still slightly red at the moment.

Xiao Lan, who had sobered up, looked at herself naked, and then at Chen Ping’s clothes, which were also torn and tattered by herself, and was instantly embarra*sed.

Just then, King Miao had already led his men to catch up with him and directly surrounded Chen Ping and Xiao Lan.

Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly took off his own clothes and surrounded Xiaolan.

When King Miao saw that Xiaolan’s eyes were clear and the power of the medicine had subsided, he was a little surprised, he did not expect Chen Ping to recover Xiaolan in such a quick time.

“Xiaolan, as a member of the Miao Village, you let Chen Ping go in private and followed him to do the erotic thing, what should be your crime?”

The Miao King pre-empted the attack and questioned Xiaolan.

Now that so many members of the Miao Village were present, including the Five Heads, the Miao King had to find an excuse, he couldn’t say that he wanted to sleep with Xiaolan and that Chen Ping had rescued her, could he?

After all, everyone in the Miao Village knew that Xiaolan was his own righteous daughter, so if he did that, wouldn’t he be worse than a beast?

Xiao Lan was stunned by the Miao King’s pre-emptive question, and looked at the Miao King with a face full of anger, but did not know how to answer.

When Chen Ping saw that Miao Wang was the first to sue, he was furious and said, “You old beast, it is obvious that you wanted to lay hands on Xiaolan, it was me who saved her, but you are the first to sue ……”

“I have been raising her for 20 years and treat her like my own daughter, how could I have done that to him? It was you who tricked Xiaolan into releasing you with your words, and you did the dirty deed, as the clothes on your bodies prove. ……”

King Miao, in all his righteousness, yelled at Chen Ping.