Phoenix Among Men Chapter 800

Immediately afterwards, a chaotic sound of footsteps could be heard from within the Pill God Valley, as many people rushed out from within the valley, as well as some of the people within the valley, retreating towards the depths of the Pill God Valley.


Ni Sidao’s face was ugly, he did not expect this Pill God Valley to really plan to come to a fish death for the sake of a Chen Ping.


For a while, the atmosphere became very oppressive, and people from both sides pressed their hands to their weapons, ready to strike at any moment.


A great battle was about to take place, and this battle would definitely spill blood, and even the ordinary people in the Pill God Valley would be implicated.


Chen Ping slowly took a step forward: “Aren’t you looking for revenge on me, now I’ll give you the chance to fight me alone, if you win, you can kill or be killed, whatever you want ……”


Chen Ping did not want to let these people of the Pill God Valley lose their lives because of himself, although they really fought, their side was a little more powerful, but casualties were inevitable.


“Valley Master …………”


When Xu Changsheng saw that Chen Ping was going to follow his opponent into a single fight, he was immediately nervous.


He knew that two days ago, Chen Ping was not even a match for that Xiahou Dun, so how could he follow them in a solo fight.


“Valley Master …………”


The other hurried elders also intended to persuade Chen Ping not to stand out.


Chen Ping waved his hand and told several of the elders to keep their mouths shut.


When Xiahou Dun and Ni Xidao saw this, their brows furrowed deeply, it looked like this Chen Ping really did look like the Pill God Valley Master.


If Chen Ping’s current identity was really the Pill God Valley Master, the two of them would have to weigh in if they wanted to kill Chen Ping.


But on the spot, Chen Ping had actually taken the initiative to come forward and follow them in a solo fight, so this was just the right opportunity.


“Court Master Ni, the matter of killing Chen Ping will be left to you, although I can also easily kill him, but Court Master Ni is here, I will not offer myself ……”


Xiahou Dun said to Ni Sidao in a complimentary manner.


“Hm!” Ni Sidao nodded with a face full of confidence, Chen Ping could not even deal with that Xiahou Dun, so he was even less of a match for himself.


Ni Sidao took a step forward, “Kid, I admire your guts, when I strike later, I will let you die a painful death ……”


Seeing Ni Sidao meet the battle, Xu Changsheng looked at Chen Ping with a nervous face, “Valley Master, this Ni Sidao is a Daoist Master, even I don’t dare to fight him hard, you must be careful ……”


“Don’t worry, I have my own way ……”


Chen Ping smiled faintly.


He was called a Daoist master, but Chen Ping was not afraid at all, Chen Ping cultivated immortal magic, where can someone like Ni Sidao match, and Chen Ping had the Heart Condensation Skill to protect his body, whether the opponent used a formation or a talisman, it was to gather the power of heaven and earth, Chen Ping also took the opportunity to absorb energy and improve his strength.


Chen Ping looked at Ni Qi and said, “There are too many people here, to avoid hurting innocent people, how about we change places?”


Often, when this spell was relative, it was earth-shattering and powerful, and would ripple far away.


“Good, we will fight on top of this mountain ……”


After Ni Sidao finished speaking, his body was like a wild goose as he floated towards the top of the mountain.


Chen Ping took a step and his body flashed away, also heading towards the top of the mountain.


Xu Changsheng followed hastily with the hastily-formed elders, while that Xiahou Dun also brought a few experts up to the top of the mountain!


Soon, at the top of the mountain, Chen Ping and that Ni Sidao stood opposite each other.


Ni Sidao’s mottled face was a little cold, and his deep pupils shot out two sharp lights.


A wisp of divine sense enveloped towards Chen Ping, Ni Sidao was probing Chen Ping’s strength. Chen Ping dared to call his own bluff and stand out to fight alone, so Ni Sidao doubted whether Chen Ping was hiding his strength.


Otherwise, with Chen Ping’s strength as a Grand Master, if he were to follow himself and fight alone, wouldn’t he be hitting a rock with an egg?