Phoenix Among Men Chapter 830

“The reason why this snow wolf is as big as an ox, it must have become so under the inculcation of the giant dragon, I have heard that there are two dragons on this island, their whole body is full of treasures, even if these beasts that follow the giant dragon live together, they all transcend their limits and become ferocious …… ”

Zhao Beng came up and pretended to know a lot, explaining to Chen Ping.

He only wanted to use this to pull in the relationship with Chen Ping and them, as long as the relationship with Chen Ping and them, in the pursuit of Xiao Ru, then perhaps a lot easier.

Chen Ping just looked at that Zhao Beng and did not say anything, which made that Zhao Beng feel bored for a while!

“Roar …………”

But at that moment, that snow wolf took advantage of the distraction of the man in the suit, and after a roar, it directly pounced over.

The fur on the snow wolf’s body was like a sharp blade, as long as it touched a point, it would definitely open up the skin and flesh!

The snow wolf’s body was in mid-air, and its sharp fangs were exposed, very scary!

The man in the suit frowned, and then his body quickly rolled over, dodging the snow wolf’s blow in a very distressed manner.

The man in the suit knew that he was a Martial Sect, but now he was in such a mess by a snow wolf, so he could see how strong this snow wolf was.

What’s more, this snow wolf already had a mind and knew that when the man in the suit was distracted, it suddenly attacked, catching the man in the suit off guard.

The man got up from the ground in a mess, but before he could stand up, the wolf pounced again.

The man in the suit was shocked, then his muscles tensed up everywhere and he threw a fist out!

Boom …………

This punch directly hit the abdomen of the snow wolf, and the huge body of the snow wolf was directly knocked out by this punch of the man in the suit.

Ouch …………

The snow wolf let out a wail, before its body landed heavily in front of Chen Ping.

“Ahh …………”

This startled Su Yuqi and the three girls, all of them shrieking in shock as they retreated.

Although several of them had kung fu, seeing such a large snow wolf still scared them from the bottom of their hearts.

“Just a beast, let’s see if I don’t kill it …………”

When Zhao Barging saw that Xiao Ru was also scared, he took pity on her and drew out the dagger on his waist, and was ready to go forward to kill the snow wolf.

Only before Zhao Barging could move, he was stopped by his men, “Young master, you must not go near that beast, be careful it will swallow you in one bite ……”

Zhao Barging was only a small clan master, if he really wanted to go over there, he was afraid that he would really be swallowed in one bite.

The first time Zhao Beng heard this, the footsteps he had taken were so scared that he retracted again.

At this moment, Chen Ping looked at the snow wolf that had fallen to his feet. On the snow wolf’s abdomen, a piece of snow-white fur had turned black, and the black colour was getting bigger and bigger.

Chen Ping knew that the snow wolf’s body had been invaded by the foul qi, which was the reason for such a consequence. The man in the suit had just thrown a punch with all his might and did not hold back anything, which was why the snow wolf’s body had been invaded by the foul qi.

Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai, who were not far away, saw this and their eyes all stared: “Evil cultivator?”

And that Qin Xiaoxian also saw the change in the Snow Wolf’s body, and his expression instantly became alert, before staring at the man in the suit with a deadly stare.

The man in the suit originally wanted to go forward and kill the snow wolf, but at this moment, all the people were looking at him and recognized his identity, which made the man in the suit not dare to make any move.

“D*mn, so it’s an evil cultivator, Laozi is the most ruthless evil cultivator …………”

Cheng Kun’s fiery temper came up, a healthy step towards the man in the suit to attack.

As soon as Cheng Kun moved, Xuan Yuan Kai also followed, as well as the experts they brought with them, and together they headed towards the man in the suit.

This is the ancestral motto of every family and sect, so when evil cultivators are outside, they are very careful to hide their identity.