Phoenix Among Men Chapter 909

“Pavilion Master Zhao, what about us? This time there is a group competition, if Mr. Chen really does not defeat that Watanabe Ichiro, when the group competition comes, we …… we are afraid that …………”

Xu Shimao did not go on, but everyone knew what he was going to say.

If Chen Ping really can’t beat that Watanabe Ichiro, when the group competition comes, the Kyoto Protector Pavilion side will have no one to rely on, and the deaths and injuries will definitely be serious then.

This Watanabe Ichiro was particularly ruthless against the people of Daxia, which was why after the tournament six years ago, the indignation of the Daxia martial arts community was aroused and many people were prepared to intercept and kill this Watanabe Ichiro.

Zhao Wuji was caught in a dilemma, now he didn’t know what to do. If he were to bet the lives of all the Guardian Pavilion members that Chen Ping would win, Zhao Wuji didn’t have the guts to do that.

But now if he conceded defeat and did not go to the tournament, then he and the entire Kyoto Dharma Protecting Pavilion were afraid that they would become a laughing stock, and perhaps there would never be a Dharma Protecting Pavilion as a department again.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, I will fight with all my might, unless I die, I will not that let Ichiro Watanabe leave alive ……”

At this moment, Chen Ping walked in from outside.

“Mr. Chen ……” Zhao Wuji hurriedly greeted him, “That Watanabe Ichiro was already at the Martial Sect realm six years ago, when five of us Martial Sects fought him in a wheel-to-wheel battle, we were unable to defeat him, not to mention that this time that Watanabe Ichiro is still just came out of seclusion, his strength must have grown a lot ……”

“Pavilion Master Zhao, if you believe me, there is no need to say more!” The first thing that you need to do is to look at all the people of the Dharma Protection Pavilion and say, “Do you trust me, Chen Ping? If you do, then follow me to the tournament and wipe out the shame of your past ……”

With a crash …………

All the members of the Dharma Protection Pavilion all rose up, their eyes firm, “We believe in Instructor Chen, we are willing to follow Instructor Chen to wipe out our shame ……”

The members of the Dharma Protection Court all had high fighting spirit.

Looking at the team members with high fighting spirit, Chen Ping and Zhao Wuji looked at each other and smiled.

The competition was not only about strength, but also about spirit and will. This time, the sudden addition of the group competition was initiated by the island nation, who thought that the overall strength of the Da Xia Dharma Protecting Pavilion was low, so they wanted to take the opportunity to make the Pavilion fall flat on its face.

Now it was obvious that trying to temporarily make the players grow in strength was impossible, and they could only find ways to increase their fighting spirit.

Chen Ping took everyone from the Dharma Guardian Pavilion and set off towards the competition venue.

At this time, the tournament venue outside Kyoto was already full of people, with tens of thousands of people coming to watch this international tournament.

Many had come because of Ichiro Watanabe and Chen Ping, and many others had come with the attitude of learning; after all, such international exchange competitions were rare.

After Chen Ping arrived with his men, he found that the teams from other countries had already arrived and were seated on the benches under the ring in turn.

Zhao Wuji, as the Lord of the Guardian Pavilion, found his own seat and sat down, while Chen Ping stood behind Zhao Wuji.

On Zhao Wuji’s left side, however, was a blonde girl wearing a beautiful dress, while behind the girl was a strong man with a tiger’s back and a two-metre tall body, bulging with muscles.

Chen Ping knew that this was the Bear Country’s team, but he wondered how a little girl could be allowed to lead the team.

Just as Chen Ping ma*sed the girl, the girl turned her head to look at Chen Ping in the same way.

“Hello, my name is Anna ……”

The girl followed Chen Ping and greeted him in a fluent Daxia language.

Chen Ping looked at Zhao Wuji and wondered if it was appropriate to follow the other party on such an occasion.

“Mr. Chen, this is Princess Anna, the daughter of Duke Rose, this time she is here in place of her father.”

Zhao Wuji followed Chen Ping and explained.

“Hello, my name is Chen Ping ……”

Chen Ping smiled faintly and followed Anna with a greeting.