Phoenix Among Men Chapter 96

Gritting his teeth, Cui Zhiyuan could only nod, “I have met with Master Tiger ……”

Cui Zhiyuan’s words were ambiguous, after all, he had met Lin Tianhu, but did not necessarily know him ……

“Originally, all you had to do was kneel down and apologize, but I didn’t expect you to use Master Tiger’s name to wave around outside, since that’s the case, then none of you will be able to leave today ……”

Binzi’s words carried a slight chill that sent a chill down the spine of these guys who didn’t know the sky was high!

“Hahahaha, you bunch of little yakuza, do you know who this one in front of you is? He is the number one fighter under Master Tiger’s left hand and right arm, Brother Hou, how dare you guys brag in front of him and say you know Master Tiger, looks like you have lived to the end ……”

That boss Qian laughed out loud.

These guys were just ordinary guys, how could they know Lin Tianhu, Boss Qian knew they must be putting on airs and graces!

Sure enough, hearing Boss Qian say so, that Cui Zhiyuan’s forehead was instantly covered with cold sweat, he didn’t expect that he had played hard to get and had actually hit the gun!

But the other people under Cui Zhiyuan didn’t think so, they thought that Cui Zhiyuan really knew Lin Tianhu!

Sun Xiaomeng was also convinced that Cui Zhiyuan must know Lin Tianhu, and even if Cui Zhiyuan didn’t, his friends must know him, otherwise why else would Lin Tianhu have asked for his family’s outstanding debts?

“Boss Qian, just now we brothers also drank a little wine, now brothers to accompany you, hope that Boss Qian …………”

Cui Zhiyuan wimped out and started to follow Boss Qian to apologize!

Only before he could finish his words, he was directly interrupted by Binzi: “Dare to borrow Master Tiger’s name, this is not as simple as an apology, whether you can live or not, you will see what happens ……”

When Binzi finished, he waved his hand directly towards his men and said, “Take everyone away and let Brother Hou deal with them ……”

Soon, more than a dozen fierce and fierce thugs directly surrounded them, scaring Cui Zhiyuan and Sun Xiaomeng and their faces!

The corner of Zhang Tongjian’s body was trembling, his trousers were wet, and his hands were clutching at Chen Ping’s sleeves!

He was just a college student who had just graduated, so he had never seen such a scene before, and was now scared to death!

Looking at Zhang Tongjian’s appearance, Chen Ping patted his shoulder and said, “Relax, it’ll be fine ……”

Soon, Cui Zhiyuan and his group were brought to Hou Chunlei’s office!

At this time, Hou Chunlei was enjoying the ma*sage of his secretary with his eyes slightly closed, when he suddenly saw Binzi bring back a group of people, and at first glance, they were all little brats, the more he frowned and said, “Binzi, what are you doing bringing a group of little brats here?”

“Brother Hou, this is the gang that hit the money boss’s men ……”

Binzi said.

“Didn’t I tell you to handle it? What are you doing bringing me to the office?” Hou Chunlei’s face was a little unhappy!

“Brother Hou, this guy said he knew Master Tiger and was following him very well, so I brought him here for Brother Hou to deal with ……”

Binzi hurriedly explained!

“What?” When Hou Chunlei heard this, he sat up straight, and then looked at Cui Zhiyuan with cold eyes, “You know Master Tiger?”

“I …… I ……” Cui Zhiyuan stammered, “My friend knows… …”

“What’s your friend’s name? I have followed Master Tiger for many years, and I know the names of all the friends he knows ……”

Hou Chunlei continued to ask.

This time, Cui Zhiyuan was asked, he didn’t know Lin Tianhu’s friends at all, just at his level, how could he possibly follow Lin Tianhu to get hooked up!

Snap ……

Suddenly, that Hou Chunlei violently slapped the table and stood up, “How dare you guys, you dare to use Master Tiger’s name ……”