Phoenix Among Men Chapter 966

Just as Chen Ping finished his words, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd.

A young man wearing white training clothes, with an inch haircut and a pair of black leather shoes that were shining brightly, walked in.

At the youth’s side was followed by Long Xingxu, and two other people with the strength of a fifth grade Martial Sect.

“I didn’t expect the young master of the Long family to come, I thought he wouldn’t participate in this trial?”

“How could he not participate, this time the Emperor’s Mausoleum, I’m afraid it’s the place with the most treasures among all the trial locations.”

“This Long Xiao has actually reached the strength of a seventh grade Martial Sect, so young, it’s really too bullish ……”

The crowd chattered, but all of them followed Long Xiao and greeted him.

“Big brother Chen, this man is the youngest master of the Long family, Long Xiao, he has been training with a teacher outside and only comes back once a year for the trials, I didn’t expect this guy’s strength to grow so fast, I remember last year’s trials, he was only a third grade Martial Sect, but now he has actually reached the seventh grade.”

Zhao Barging looked at Long Xiao with envy in his eyes, “If only I could be like this guy and cultivate so fast, how great it would be.”

Chen Ping did not pay any attention to Zhao Barging, his eyes were staring deadly at Long Xiao, at this moment a bold idea slowly flashed in Chen Ping’s mind.

With Chen Ping’s current strength, it would be a nightmare to go to the Long family to save his mother, but when his strength allowed it, he didn’t know how long to wait.

And now that this Long Xiao was right in front of him, an idea came to Chen Ping that he could hijack this Long Xiao and use him to trade his mother out when the time came.

At this moment, Long Xiao also seemed to feel something, and suddenly turned his head to look at Chen Ping, and the two of them were facing each other.

He didn’t know Chen Ping, and he didn’t know anything about Chen Ping’s recent affairs.

“Eldest Young Master, this man is Chen Ping, the man who just killed Watanabe Ichiro some time ago.”

Long Xingxu followed Long Xiao and introduced him.

“Oh, I see, it seems that this Emperor’s Tomb was also discovered by him, right?”

Long Xiao dawned on him.

“It should have been Hu Bazhi of the Hu family who discovered it first, and was crashed by this Chen Ping, who then told Mr. Shi about it.”

Long Xingxu did not believe at first that Chen Ping had this ability to discover such a large imperial tomb.

And the Hu family as generations of ancestral tomb-robbing skills, so it shouldn’t be difficult to discover an ancient tomb.

“In that case, this guy is also a chicken and dog thief ……”

When Long Xiao heard this, he snorted coldly, his face filled with disdain as he moved away.

Just as Long Xiao left, Chen Ping found two more acquaintances, Cheng Kun of the Thunderbolt Sect and Xuan Yuan Kai of the Xuan Yuan Family, both of whom also had two Martial Arts experts with them.

After seeing Chen Ping, Xuan Yuan Kai’s face instantly turned cold: “Chen Ping, this trial, you better be careful, don’t let me catch a chance ……”

If Xuanyuan Kai did not take revenge for this broken arm, it was estimated that he would not be able to get out of this life.

“Xuan Yuan Kai, shut your mouth, are you threatening big brother Chen? Be careful I’ll rip your mouth ……”

Zhao Beng saw Xuanyuan Kai threatening Chen Ping and immediately stood up for himself.

Xuanyuan Kai froze, then sneered, “Zhao Barging, since when did you become this guy’s dog? You used to call me brother in one breath, but now you’re biting me instead?”

“You’re paralyzed ……”

When Zhao Barging heard Xuan Yuan Kai compare himself to a dog, he was so angry that he smashed his fist towards Xuan Yuan Kai.

Only before Zhao Barging’s fist reached him, Xuan Yuan Kai casually waved his hand, and a huge breath directly knocked Zhao Barging backwards one after another.

Chen Ping reached out and pulled Zhao Zhaogong back, so that he did not make a fool of himself by sitting on his buttocks on the ground.

The difference between Zhao Barging’s strength and Xuanyuan Kai’s was too great.

“Zhao Barging, you said that your Shadowless Villa can’t help but to be a dog for this Chen Ping, really not afraid of being laughed off by others ……”

Cheng Kun on the side looked at Zhao Barging with a face full of mockery.