Phoenix Among Men Chapter 978

“It’s not for you to judge whether there’s something there or not, give me back ……”

Guo Wei reprimanded loudly.

Seeing this, Chen Ping did not say anything else, but retreated back, right now he was not a match for Guo Wei, so he still had to hold back first.

Hu Baqi, on the other hand, gave Chen Ping a disdainful glance before saying, “Director Guo, these two tomb paths are exactly the same, but with my years of experience, I think we should take this one on the right.”

“Good, listen to you and take the right side ……”

Guo Wei nodded his head.

Here, only Hu Baqi knew more about ancient tombs, so he could only listen to Hu Baqi.

Seeing that Guo Wei was leading the crowd to take the right side, Chen Ping went straight towards the left side of the tomb path: “I’ll take the left side myself, you guys go take the right side!”

When Guo Wei saw that Chen Ping was disobedient, he was about to reprimand him, but Hu Baqi stopped him, “Director Guo, I am not sure which of the two tunnels will lead to the tomb, since Chen Ping wants to go to the left, let him go.

“Director Guo, I’ll go with that Chen Ping ……”

At this time, Long Xiao spoke up.

Long Xiao was going to follow Chen Ping in order to find an opportunity to nullify Chen Ping, and also if the left tomb pa*sage went straight to the tomb chamber, Long Xiao would be able to get his hands on the treasures first.

As for the right tomb pa*sage, with Guo Wei around, Long Xiao was not afraid that the treasures inside the tomb would be taken away by other sects and families.

“That’s fine, but you have to be careful, this Chen Ping is not much less powerful than you!”

Guo Wei followed Long Xiao and cautiously admonished.

“Don’t worry, besides Long Xingxu, I still have two of the Long family’s men to protect me, that Chen Ping is no match!”

Although Chen Ping had just killed two Martial Sect experts from the Perak Sect with one strike, Long Xiao was not worried, after all, his own strength of a seventh grade Martial Sect was equally capable of killing those two Martial Sects from the Perak Sect.

What’s more, he still had the protection of Long Xingxu and two Fifth Grade Martial Sect experts of the Long Family, four against one, Chen Ping was no match at all.

“Duke Long, is it alright if I join you?”

Xuan Yuan Kai hurriedly spoke up.

He knew what Long Xiao was doing by following Chen Ping, so he wanted to follow Long Xiao so that he could also seek revenge on Chen Ping, if he was just allowed to do it by himself, Xuan Yuan Kai plus their two Martial Sect experts from the Xuan Yuan Family might not even be Chen Ping’s opponent.

The bloody scene where Chen Ping had just killed Cheng Kun was still etched in Xuanyuan Kai’s mind.

Long Xiao glanced at Xuan Yuan Kai and nodded slightly, one more person would be one more helper, of course Long Xiao would not refuse.

As for coming across treasures, he believed that Xuan Yuan Kai would not dare to compete with his Long family for them.

At this moment, Chen Ping had long ago led Zhao Beng and two experts from the Shadowless Villa into the left tomb pa*sage. Once he entered the tomb pa*sage, that feeling made Chen Ping even stronger, as if something in the underworld was desperately pulling Chen Ping forward.

“Chen Ping, wait for me …………”

When Dong Jiahao saw that Long Xiao was going to follow Chen Ping into the tomb pa*sage, he immediately shouted out and directly caught up with Chen Ping.

“Brother Dong, do you have to join me? I can say this in advance, I don’t know where this tomb pa*sage, will lead to, and if I can find treasures ……”

Chen Ping is just going completely by feel, he’s not good at tomb raiding!

“I see that Long Xiao came in with you, I guess that kid is going to be against you, I’ll go with you, he won’t dare to make a move on you easily.”

Dong Jiahao said.

When Chen Ping heard this, he turned his head to look and found that that Long Xiao had indeed followed him in, and then he smiled slightly towards Dong Jiahao and said, “Brother Dong, thank you.”

“Thank you for what, I, Dong Jiahao, am most uncomfortable with these guys from the Kyoto Martial Arts Union, who look so moral and dignified, blathering on about famous and righteous sects, but in fact, what they do is even worse than those evil cultivators!”

Dong Jiahao said with some anger.