Second Chance Chapter 141

Eldest uncle and other people egg pain heartbreak nowhere words bleak, but when heard the distant that voice loud and clear cries from the distance, the heart has a slight sense of balance, see, that fat man is the same, I Road is not alone.

Fatty Xuechi loud and clear voice, fat body, from the crowd rows of mountains and mountains, crying that call a sang.

The eldest uncle and others squeezed out a position from the crowd, leaving the fat man with the same misery as himself and others.

“Ow ow my case head was snatched by a Zhang Jing who appeared out of nowhere ow ow ow.”

As soon as the fat man came over, he just owed a voice and cried in a sanguine manner.

However, the eldest and other people heard, but more feel egg pain, Nima, just the House case head was robbed just, cry a hair line, we even did not go on the list, have not cried it.

“Not just a case of the head of it, as for it, then you ah the first few?” Uncle Zhu Shouren asked sourly.

Fatty heard, crying more loud and clear, “I do not know how many I ah, the list did not me.”

You’re not on the list! Earlier said ah, eldest uncle and other people’s egg pain expression finally have a hint of stretching, seven hands and feet of the fat man will be pulled to the crowd group to chat a few words, are the end of the world list people ah.

Zhu Pingan is also speechless, just listened to the fat man said Feng Yang House of the head of the case was called Zhang Jing to steal, also thought the fat man is the second, is strange, heard the fat man said the list did not him, can not help but a burst of speechless. Can you not say the words so ambiguous ah.

The eldest uncle and other people for a long time can not accept the courtyard examination list reality, in the list of silence for a long time, know the list of the crowd thinned out a lot, before turning around to leave this sad place.

Just at this time the change occurred, only to hear two voices calling from not far away.

“Xiao Chi ah.”

“Have you so when the mother. What do you call Xiao Chi, to call roll over.”

Hearing the voice, the fat man who had been winding down the rain shivered violently and turned around to run.

“Bastard boy. You stop right there.” The man’s middle-heavy voice rang out at the first moment, shattering the fatty’s attempts.

Zhu Pingan and the others looked up to see several maids and servants flanking two middle-aged couples in their forties walking over.

The man in his forties was wearing a round-necked, large-sleeved shirt, which at a glance was known to be made from the finest jade-coloured cloth and silk, with wide-sleeved, soapy edges and a soapy strip of soft scarf draped over the band, and looked seven or eight times similar to the fat man Xue Chi. Just to be much thinner. The woman is wearing both sides of the moonflower skirt inlaid with gold thread, head jewellery is not gold or jade, maintenance is also good.

By the looks of it, this is Fatty Xuechi’s mum and dad. Fatty’s father looks a lot more serious. His mother is the opposite, at a glance, we know that it is a child can be spoiled.

“You kid, how did you do on the exam this time?” Fatty’s father called Fatty to his body and asked.

He said he was asking, but the stormy face knew that the fat father had read the list.

Fatty Xuechi saw his dad like a mouse seeing a cat, with a scared face and lowered his head, stood in front of his old man, all his fat flesh shivering a little in fear.

“Father. Mother, this time, this time,” Fatty stammered.

“Well. Failed the examination, right?” Fat Dad’s tone was surprisingly calm.

“Hmm.” Fatty’s head bowed even lower, and the flesh on his body trembled even more.

Fat Dad stroked Fatty’s head, his tone was particularly calm, “Son, you have grown up, I will never scold you like that again because you made a mistake or didn’t do things right”

Fatty sniffed and raised his head violently. Touched, Fatty wanted to shed tears, my father has actually figured it out. Surprisingly so understanding, surprisingly so reasonable. It’s really touching ah, in the future, I will definitely clean up my heart and do a good job

Fatty has not yet finished moving it, just to hear his old man and slow and calm tone then said:

“You’ve grown up, you should also often be beaten the taste!”

Fatty face touched, not yet had time to wither, was scared out of his wits, ow a voice, scattered legs and ran.

Only to see his old man’s words just fall, snatched a thick stick from some servant behind him, looking to fall ah towards the fat man.

“Aiya, old master what are you doing, my small Chi are enough to use, you see have lost a circle” fat lady hurried to stop ah.

“A loving mother is more than a child, this is all because you are spoiled, this time also should be my control.” Fat father holding a big stick regardless of the fat mother’s obstruction, froze to the fat this unworthy son to teach a lesson can not.

“Lao Zi, servants do not let you bring, maids do not let you bring, with good intentions is to let you study, the result, the result of you this unworthy son” fat father angry not light, the robe corner tucked into the belt between, carrying the stick on the chase after the fat man went.

“Master, what are you doing, don’t break my family Xiaochi you” Fatty’s mother chased after the past, do not let hit.

As a result, a farce was staged in front of the Fu Zi Temple, where the list was released.

A fat man screamed and ran left and right, behind a middle-aged man wearing a student uniform will be tucked in the corner of the robe on the belt, carrying a stick in hot pursuit, behind a noblewoman shouting to stop, and finally chased a group of maids and servants!

Zhu Pingan looked at the fat man’s family who were in a state of panic, and had some egg pains.

Uncle Zhu Shouren and other people lost a lot, stood for a while to leave, listen to their words mean to go to the other side of the Qinhuai River, it is estimated that only some women can serve to soothe their heartbreak, or perhaps uncle and other people can find confidence and satisfaction there.

This kind of behaviour and ostrich buried sand how different, failure does not think to find the reason, do not think of struggling, will only hide, how can there be success.

“Eldest uncle, uncles, when is the date of return?” Zhu Pingan, despite his disappointment with his eldest uncle, still had to do face work.

“Return date? Three days from now. Brother An should rest for a few days first, we will call you then.” Before Eldest Uncle could say anything, one of the townspeople took the initiative to speak, and his tone was a little more familiar than usual.

“Then I’ll trouble you uncles.” Zhu Pingan arched his hand in thanks.

“Where, Pingan Lang is too polite.” The villagers shook their heads and sighed.

Eldest uncle Zhu Shouren still didn’t seem to have regained his senses from his fall from grace, merely nodding his head and without uttering a single word, he followed a few townspeople towards the other side of the Qinhuai River.

After the eldest uncle and the others left, the battle fire of Fatty’s family was finally extinguished. Fatty covered his bum and limped as he led his parents towards Zhu Pingan’s side.

“Father, mother, let me introduce you, this is my good buddy that I recognised during the courtyard exams, Zhu Pingan from the Anqing Province’s Xihe Village.” Fatty introduced Zhu Pingan to his parents.

“Good day uncle, good day auntie.” Zhu Pingan clasped his two hands together and said with a deep arching salute.

“Good boy.” Fatty Mother was polite.

“I wouldn’t dare to be a good boy, turn over, in the future, don’t introduce your fox friends to me and your mother, eating, drinking, whoring and gambling, what kind of people are they!”

But Fatty Dad is not, staggering his body, avoiding Zhu Pingan this gift is not accepted, stroking his beard, his face is full of temper.

“Dad, brother Zhu is not that kind of person, people are the head of this year’s case in Anqing Province.” Fatty dissatisfied.

Fatty’s dad heard, stroking his beard’s hand involuntarily yanked down several roots, took a look at the Anqing Prefecture’s list, and his attitude towards Zhu Pingan came to a hundred and eighty degree change.

“En, good, my family turned over finally made a good friend, good, good, good.” Fatty’s father was greatly relieved and looked at Zhu Pingan and said three good things in a row!