Phoenix Among Men Chapter 103

Hou Chunlei’s entire body had a groveling look, and one pair of eyes peeked at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping had long since noticed that Hou Chunlei was peeking at himself, so he quietly waved his hand and told Hou Chunlei to go out!

Seeing Hou Chunlei walking back in, the private room exploded at once!

“My God, Louis XIII, this is a famous wine, I heard that a bottle costs 100,000 yuan ……”

“I never dreamed that I would be able to drink such an expensive wine!”

“It’s great, we’ve all been blessed by Manager Cui, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to drink a $100,000 bottle of wine!”

“I wouldn’t dare to drink this wine, one sip is my monthly salary ……”

The crowd gathered around the Louis XIII, and their eyes were all staring out, after all, they are working cla*s people, if not for this opportunity today, I am afraid they will never be able to drink such a good wine in their lifetime.

Cui Zhiyuan’s eyes were also slightly red at this time, although his salary was several tens of thousands of dollars a month, but he did not dare to drink 100,000 yuan a bottle of red wine, this is too extravagant!

But Cui Zhiyuan couldn’t show too much eagerness, or else he would be too humiliated!

“Well, what are you all doing around? Each and every one of them has no breath, it’s just a Louis XIII, there’s no fuss ……” Cui Zhiyuan said with a pretentious face: “I follow that friend of mine to drink, often drink this kind of wine, including Remy Martin and so on, all have drunk ……”

Cui Zhiyuan can only rely on his unwarranted friend to play hard to get now, after all, with his current strength, he is not rich enough to drink Louis XIII regularly!

“Manager Cui, what kind of business is your friend in? It’s too rich, isn’t it? His face is also wide, he even knows Lin Tianhu ……”

Someone asked to Cui Zhiyuan.

“Ah …… my friend …… my friend is ……” Cui Zhiyuan stuttered, this was his made up friend, how could he say it all at once!

“My friend is in the import and export trade and often goes abroad ……” Suddenly Cui Zhiyuan’s eyes lit up and explained!

In this way, these people want to see Cui Zhiyuan’s friend, I’m afraid they can’t see him easily, after all, people are often abroad!

After listening to this, the people were all praising Cui Zhiyuan for something, blowing him to the sky!

The Louis XIII was opened and Cui Zhiyuan poured a small gla*s for one person, but not Chen Ping’s, just now Chen Ping glared at himself and scared himself, Cui Zhiyuan has not yet found him to settle the score, how could he let Chen Ping drink such a good wine, a mouthful is thousands of dollars!

Chen Ping didn’t care, looking at a bunch of big old men with wet crotches, buzzing around together with wine, Chen Ping almost didn’t laugh out loud!

“Han Han, it’s getting late, let’s go back ……”

Chen Ping said to Wang Han Han.

Wang Han Han looked at the time, and then nodded.

Chen Ping followed Wang Han Han and Cui Zhiyuan didn’t care, after all, Chen Ping was a redundancy here!

“Xiaomeng, don’t play too late either, or Uncle Sun will be anxious ……”

Before leaving, Chen Ping barked at Sun Xiaomeng!

Sun Xiaomeng instantly looked unhappy and said, “What do you care? You are my father or my mother, or my elder? I can play as long as I want, don’t be nosy!”

“Chen Ping, you’d better send your girlfriend home, my girlfriend doesn’t need your attention, you’re so nosy!”

Cui Zhiyuan snorted coldly at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping didn’t say anything, he had already reminded Sun Xiaomeng, and since Sun Xiaomeng didn’t want to go, Chen Ping didn’t care.

After Chen Ping and Wang Han Han returned home, Wang Changfeng was still waiting for Wang Han Han in the courtyard of the district!

When she saw that Wang Han Han had followed Chen Ping back, Wang Changfeng smiled and said, “Han Han, you followed your brother Chen Ping out to play and didn’t tell me, so I worried for nothing!”