Phoenix Among Men Chapter 110

“It’s not the end of the day yet, what are you talking about if you’re not working? Do you want to have your wages deducted?”

At this moment, Cui Zhiyuan walked out from his office and yelled at a group of salesmen!

Seeing this, they hurriedly returned to their work stations, and at this time a salesman said to Cui Zhiyuan, “Manager Cui, Chen Ping has taken someone to ask for money from Boss Meng ……”

When Cui Zhiyuan heard this, he froze for a moment and immediately said with a gloating face, “This guy, in order to show himself, he doesn’t even want his life, if he can get the money back, I’ll drink the toilet water dry ……”

Just as Cui Zhiyuan’s words fell, Zhang Tongjian came back with a sweaty face and a black plastic bag in his hand!

Seeing that Zhang Tongjian had returned, Sun Xiaomeng hurriedly asked, “Tongjian, where’s Han Han?”

Zhang Tongjian grabbed the water on the table and drank a bottle in one gulp, before catching his breath and telling them everything!

When everyone heard that the bag contained a million dollars in debt, they all looked surprised!

Cui Zhiyuan even ripped open the bag and the white banknotes were scattered all over the place!

He didn’t expect Chen Ping to really get the money back, he had just said that if Chen Ping could get the money back, he would drink all the toilet water, but this was a slap in the face!

“Han Han this girl, too infatuated, also do not know what good that Chen Ping has ……”

Wang Lanlan heard that Wang Han Han had stayed behind to wait for Chen Ping, immediately said with some confusion!

Sun Xiaomeng was also a little worried about Wang Han Han, as for Chen Ping’s death, no one cared!

Just when everyone was feeling sorry for Wang Han Han, Chen Ping came back with Wang Han Han!

Seeing Chen Ping’s body intact, the crowd was all astonished!

“Chen Ping, you didn’t take a beating?”

Cui Zhiyuan asked strangely.

“It’s only right to pay back what you owe, why did they beat me? It was me who beat them up more or less ……”

Chen Ping said with a cold smile!

And Sun Xiaomeng walked up to Wang Hanhan: “Hanhan, are you alright? Seeing that you don’t look well, don’t go out with him in the future ……”

“Sister Xiaomeng, I’m fine!” Wang Han Han smiled!

“Chen Ping, since you’re so good at collecting debts, the company’s debts will be left to you in the future, you’re only responsible for collecting debts!”

With this move, Cui Zhiyuan had handed over the entire sales department’s outstanding debts to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping didn’t refuse, even if Cui Zhiyuan didn’t hand it over to him, Chen Ping would still want it all up, it was all his money!

Seeing that Chen Ping didn’t refuse, Cui Zhiyuan was a bit surprised, but inwardly he was overjoyed, if all the money owed to him could be collected, his commission as sales manager would definitely be less!

At noon, the western restaurant near Xin Yu Daily Chemical Company!

At a window seat, Xing Jun was waiting for someone with a happy heart!

Soon, Su Yuqi walked into the western restaurant with her bag on her back, Xing Jun saw this and hurriedly got up and waved his hand: “Yuqi, here ……”

Su Yuqi walked over, with a bit of indifference on her face, and sat down opposite Xing Jun: “What’s the matter with looking for me?”

“Yu Qi, I just feel like I haven’t seen you for a long time, so I want to invite you to join me for a meal ……”

Xing Jun said with a flattering face!

“If there’s nothing, I’m leaving ……” Su Yuqi said, about to get up!

“Something, something ……” Xing Jun saw this and hurriedly stopped Su Yuqi: “Yuqi, you know how I feel about you, I’ve never liked another girl for so many years, can you… ………”

“Can’t ……” Not waiting for Xing Jun to finish, Su Yuqi directly interrupted: “Xing Jun, I hope you can understand what your status is, you are just a manager hired by my Su family, I can remove you at any time, you better put your mind on your work, don’t be spending any more thoughts on me!”

Su Yuqi was cold and spoke in a cold tone, which caused Xing Jun’s face to change slightly!