Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1142

Although he didn’t know what hatred Luo Xiang had following Chen Ping, but the first time they met, Luo Xiang took himself out as Chen Ping, those two must have had a problem.

How could Ning Zhi know that Luo Xiang had no hatred towards Chen Ping, the reason why Luo Xiang wanted to fight Chen Ping was just vanity!

When Luo Xiang appeared in the hall, Ning Zhi hurriedly put down his tea and stood up.

“Sir Luo ……”

Ning Zhi greeted after Luo Xiang politely.

“So it’s Young Master Ning, I wonder what Young Master Ning is doing here in my little Luo house? It looks like you’ve been injured?”

Luo Xiang looked at Ning Zhi with a teasing expression, “In that barren land of Xichuan, does anyone else dare to be rude to you, Young Master Ning?”

Ning Zhi did not take Luo Xiang’s mockery to heart, as the saying went, one had to bow down under the eaves of the house.

“Duke Luo, aren’t you looking for that Chen Ping? I am here this time to tell you the whereabouts of that Chen Ping.”

Ning Zhi said indifferently.

“Oh, so the injuries on your body were inflicted by that Chen Ping, huh?”

“But I have no enmity with Chen Ping, so it’s useless for you to tell me his whereabouts, and I’m not going to deal with Chen Ping for you.”

“Aren’t you a bully? Why don’t you go home and call someone and seek revenge on that Chen Ping?”

Luo Xiang put his face in front of Ning Zhi and continued mockingly.

Ning Zhi’s face changed slightly, but he quickly calmed down and said, “Duke Luo, I didn’t come looking for you this time to ask you to help me deal with that Chen Ping.”

“I do have a secret I want to tell you, and it’s definitely a great thing for your Luo family.”

Upon hearing this, Luo Xiang’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at Ning Zhi with a deadly stare, “You want to say the secret of that tower at the Gu Family Manor?”

Ning Zhi froze instantly upon hearing this, and then blurted out, “How did you know that?”

“Hahahaha, just now I wasn’t sure, but now I can be sure, that tower in the Gu Family Manor really does have a secret.”

Seeing that reaction from Ning Zhi, Luo Xiang laughed out loud.

Ning Zhi’s expression was astonished, he knew that he had been calculated by Luo Xiang, it turned out that that Luo Xiang did not know the secret of the Demon Subduing Tower.

“You are right, that tower at the Gu Family Manor does have a secret, I am now able to break through to the peak of Martial Sect in a short period of time, and it is all because of that tower.”

Ning Zhi nodded his head and said.

“Is that tower so magical? What exactly are the secrets inside?”

Luo Xiang asked, filled with curiosity.

Ning Zhi looked around and did not speak.

Luo Xiang instantly understood, and ordered, “Everyone stand down ……”

“Young master, be careful of any deception ……”

Luo Jiu warned in Luo Xiang’s ear.

“There’s no such thing as fraud, even at his peak state, he’s no match for me, not to mention that he’s still injured, so you guys back off.”

Luo Xiang waved his hand impatiently.

Soon, only Luo Xiang and Ning Zhi were left inside the hall.

“You can speak now.”

Luo Xiang asked indifferently.

Ning Zhi gritted his teeth and finally told Luo Xiang all the secrets of the Demon Subduing Tower.

After Luo Xiang listened, his entire eyes were glowing.

“I didn’t expect that the Gu Family Manor still had such a good thing, I said how that Gu Kaiyuan’s strength had skyrocketed over the years and even sat as the King of the Northwest, it turned out to be because of that tower.”

Luo Xiang licked his lips and then said, “Young Master Ning, thank you so much for telling me this, don’t worry about it, that tower in the Gu Family Manor is my Luo Family’s from now on, no one will want to touch it.”

“And of course that includes your Ning Family, if you still want to hog that tower, then we will have to see if my Luo Family agrees.”

Ning Zhi froze, then frowned and said, “Duke Luo, aren’t you going to deal with that Chen Ping?”

“What would I do to deal with him? As long as he meekly gets the hell out of Xichuan, why should I deal with him? Besides, it’s impossible for that Chen Ping to move the whole tower away?”

Luo Xiang said with a teasing smile.