Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1159

“En, this kid from the Ning family is really sinister, much stronger than Jia Hao, we’ll have to try to find that Chen Ping first.”

Dong Liqun’s eyes narrowed slightly, a fine light shining in his eyes!

“Master, do you really intend to find Chen Ping and let him stay in the Dong family while we grant him shelter? Do you really not want that dragon crystal on Chen Ping?”

The steward inquired.

“Shelter him?” The corners of Dong Liqun’s mouth lifted, “That Chen Ping has offended the Martial Dao Alliance and the Dragon Family, and now he has caused almost the entire Martial Dao world to hunt him down, how can our Dong Family have that strength to protect him!”

“You also know Jia Hao’s nature, if I don’t say so, how will he be willing to find that Chen Ping, when I find that Chen Ping, I will first get my hands on the Dragon Crystal, as for Chen Ping’s life and death, even if I don’t kill him, I believe he won’t live for long.”

“It’s still Master’s wisdom ……,” the butler immediately patted a horse’s a*s.


Above the vast ocean, a luxurious cruise ship was floating on it.

On top of the large cruise ship, apart from some staff members, Chen Ping was the only one.

Chen Ping locked himself inside his room and began to cultivate continuously.

If he could cultivate a YuanYing a year ago, Chen Ping would be able to save his mother and Su YuQi with certainty.

It was only that cultivating a YuanYing was extremely difficult.

When one reached the YuanYing stage, one almost possessed an immortal and indestructible body.

As long as the firstborn baby did not die, even if the flesh body went up in smoke, it would still be able to reshape its flesh body.

At the YuanYing stage, one can almost become an immortal in the eyes of ordinary people.

At this moment, in the control room of the cruise ship, a few staff members were chatting idly.

Because the cruise ship was floating on the ocean, they were not required to operate anything, and every day they just ate and slept and chatted casually.

Anyway, they were also paid, and the pay was given back extraordinarily high, so these staff members were also very happy.

“Xiao Mao, what do you think the boss was thinking? Such a big cruise ship, just pulling one person, and floating at sea all day, and not leaving, wouldn’t this cruise ship be a waste?”

“Stop it, maybe people have already paid for it and even bought the cruise ship, we just go to work and clock in to earn money.”

“That’s right, it’s so easy, just floating on the sea all day, but don’t meet pirates, I heard that the pirates on Skull Island are very cruel, they roast people and eat them.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, that’s a lie, there’s no such thing as Skull Island, I’ve been running for years and I’ve never met a pirate.”

Just as a few staff members were chatting, several speedboats suddenly appeared in the sea around the cruise ship.

The speed of the speedboats was so fast that a white wave was raised behind each one of them!

As soon as the speedboats were about to hit the yacht, several figures were seen leaping up from the top of the speedboats.

The cruise ship was more than 20 metres high, and several people jumped onto the deck without the use of any tools.

If the staff had seen this scene, they would have dropped their jaws in shock.

The men were all wearing black clothes, with a skull design embroidered on the left breast of their clothes.

After boarding the cruise ship, the men went straight to the control room.

Once they kicked open the door of the control room, they took control of several staff members.

Seeing the sudden intrusion of people, especially when they saw the dress of several people, several staff members were scared and trembled all over.

Because they had heard that the pirates on Skull Island wore such clothes.

They didn’t believe it just now, but now that they saw these pirates actually appear in front of them, they were all scared silly.

“How many of you are on board? All of you gather on the deck ……”

A pirate with a red skull on his left breast yelled at one of the staff members.

The staff member’s legs were so weak with fear that he would have sat on the floor if not for someone carrying him.