Phoenix Among Men Chapter 12

“Beat him to death, beat him to death …………”

Fu Wei, who had been slapped away by Chen Ping, covered his face and stood up, shouting hideously!

On the wedding stage, the corners of Xiao Lei’s mouth lifted, revealing a cruel smirk!

Everyone was watching Chen Ping’s joke, no one took pity on him, and even less would anyone save him!

Facing the siege of a dozen people, Chen Ping showed a sneer as he took a fierce step forward!

Boom …………

Chen Ping’s step was like an earthquake, and the entire hall seemed to shake.

The dozen or so fighters instantly let out a miserable scream, followed by all of them flying out backwards, smashing the surrounding tables and chairs to pieces, leaving the scene in a mess!

At this moment, all the guests were frozen!

The bald man looked at his men who had fallen to the ground, and a chill instantly rose from the bottom of his feet!

At this moment, on the side of the wedding stage, a middle-aged man dressed appropriately had his brows furrowed tightly together.

This man was Xiao Yan, the head of the Xiao family, and Xiao Lei’s father, so of course he had to be present for his son’s wedding!

Just now, Chen Ping had shaken back those dozen of fighters, and Xiao Yan had seen all of them in his eyes.

He was a martial artist himself and could tell that Chen Ping’s strength was not simple.

While Xiao Lei on the wedding stage saw this, he frowned: “D*mn, all of them are f*cking trash ……”

Roaring in anger, Xiao Lei rushed down with one healthy step.

“Husband …………”

Geng Shanshan also ran along with him.

“Lei’er, don’t act rashly …………”

At this moment, on the side of the wedding stage, Xiao Yan, who had been sitting still, also rushed over, he was afraid that his son would suffer a loss!

“What’s going on, what’s going on …………”

A dozen hotel security guards rushed in with rubber sticks.

The Regal Hotel had been open for five or six years and had never seen anyone who dared to cause trouble here, knowing that this Regal Hotel was the property of the Su family, the richest man in Hongcheng.

The company’s strength is not much worse than that of the Su family. At this juncture, who dares to come here to cause trouble is not the old man eating arsenic – too long to live?


On the third floor of the private room, Su Wenzong listened to the crackling sounds below, and his brow directly wrinkled up.

The hotel’s manager rushed in with a head full of cold sweat!

“What’s going on down there?”

Su Wenzong asked with some displeasure.

“Mr. Su, someone made a scene at the Xiao family’s wedding banquet, beating up people and smashing things ……”

The hotel manager hurriedly explained.

“Someone dared to cause trouble here?”

Su Wenzong’s face was furious, “What are you guys doing, waste of space, hurry up and send the security guards over there, don’t affect the reputation of our hotel!”

“It’s already been sent over!” The manager said.

“Then why don’t you get lost and deal with it, waiting for people to get angry?”

Su Wenzong roared angrily, scaring that manager into running away.

“Dad, you’re not well, don’t get angry, I’ll go down and take a look!”

Su Yuqi comforted Su Wenzong and walked out of the private room as well!

Right now, Su Yuqi was handling many things in the Su family, after all, Su Wenzong only had one daughter like her, and now that Su Wenzong was not well, all the burdens were placed on Su Yuqi’s shoulders!


The marriage hall on the first floor!

A dozen security guards surrounded Chen Ping, the hotel manager hurriedly ran and nodded in front of Xiao Yan: “Mr. Xiao, I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect that there were those who were not afraid of death and dared to make trouble at the Xiao family wedding, I’ll get rid of the troublemakers now ……”

It is finished, towards the dozen security guards said, “What are you still standing there for, beat the troublemaking guy out of me!”

“Wait a minute!”

Just as the security guards were about to make their move, Xiao Yan spoke up, “Making trouble at my son’s wedding and disturbing my guests, how can you just let him go, in that case, where can I put my Xiao family’s face? Today, even if I don’t want his life, I will leave my hands and feet behind before I leave!”

“This …………”

The hotel manager was in a dilemma, if this hand and foot were cut off, what if he remembered the hotel in the future and came back to cause trouble?

Xiao Yan saw what the hotel manager meant and said with a disdainful smile, “My Xiao family will handle this matter by itself, you guys can get lost!”

“Fine, fine, we will get lost immediately!”

Being able to not have to care about anything, the hotel manager hurriedly nodded his head happily.

“Dad, I don’t want his arms and legs, I want his life, if he dares to cause trouble at my wedding, I want him to die ……”

Xiao Lei finished, and then looked at Chen Ping angrily, “Chen Ping, today I must let you die, I’ll let you know what happens when you mess with me.”

“I just said that if I came to the wedding then your wedding would not be able to be held, you always didn’t believe me, now do you believe me?”

Chen Ping looked at Xiao Lei and laughed without the slightest fear.

“I believe your mother …………”

Xiao Lei swung a fierce fist towards Chen Ping!

Boom ………

Ka-ching ……

Only a crunching sound could be heard, and immediately afterwards Xiao Lei’s arm was strangely bent down, obviously broken.

“Ah …………”

The intense pain caused Xiao Lei to scream out in a heartbreaking manner.

Everyone who saw this scene was all dumbfounded, this Chen Ping dared to lay his hands on Xiao Lei, he was afraid that he was really looking for death.