Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1227

The crowd looked at Mr Shi, not daring to breathe.

Dong Liqun changed to get up and split open the iron door in front of him with one palm, rescuing Dong Jiahao.

Seeing Dong Liqun, Dong Jiahao instantly cried out in pain.

He didn’t know how much he had suffered during this period of time!

And at this moment, Chen Ping looked at the four villains who were suspended in mid-air as if they were animals, and the anger in his eyes burned up.

Chen Ping slowly grasped the iron gate grille in front of him with both hands.

Immediately afterwards, a faint blue flame began to burn up.

The hard iron fence slowly began to melt away.

Chen Ping’s eyes were scarlet and he gritted his teeth to death, using the last bit of spiritual energy he could muster in his body.

Upon opening the gate, Chen Ping violently spurted out a mouthful of blood!

“Mr. Chen …………”

The four villains all cried out in shock when they saw Chen Ping spitting out blood.

Zhao Wuji stepped forward and tried to help Chen Ping, but was stopped by Chen Ping with a wave of his hand.

The four villains were saved from the iron hook by Chen Ping, who was dragging his extremely tired body.

Freed from the iron hook, the Four Villains’ strength was instantly restored.

Ding Dada stepped forward to hold Chen Ping, his eyes full of shame, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry ……”

Chen Ping looked at the two bloody holes on the Four Villains’ shoulder armor, his eyes filled with self-blame.

They had all suffered like this because they were protecting him.

Ding Dada could see the self-blame in Chen Ping’s eyes, so he immediately said, “Mr. Chen, this wound on us is nothing, it’s you, who is too weak now!”

“Mr. Chen, we four brothers have been through all kinds of scenes, this injury is nothing!”

Ding Buzan said with a big grin.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Ping said, and being supported by Ding BuDa, he slowly walked outwards.

As he pa*sed by Ning Zhi, Chen Ping suddenly stopped and looked at Ning Zhi with a fierce gaze, “Remember, within ten days, I will make your Ning family disappear ……”

After saying that, Chen Ping swept his gaze at those people from the clan families behind Ning Zhi: “And you, all those who belong to the Ning Family, all of you will die ……”

Ning Zhi’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stared deadly at Chen Ping, but he didn’t say a word, instead he finally looked at Mr. Shi and said, “Mr. Shi, isn’t it too disgraceful for this Chen Ping to threaten me like this in front of you?”

“Chen Ping, if you dare to fool around in Kyoto, don’t blame me for having you arrested and sent to the Heavenly Prison ……”

Mr. Shi said with a serious face.

Chen Ping did not say anything, but turned around and walked out of the dungeon.

Dong Liqun took Dong Jiahao and walked out as well.

As he left the Ning family, Dong Liqun’s gaze held a fierce and murderous aura.

This time, the Dong Family and the Ning Family, that would be a deadly feud.

“You’d better leave Kyoto these days, I can’t protect you all the time.”

“If I hadn’t appeared even today, you would have been a corpse by now.”

“Your strength is indeed good, but not to the point where you can challenge many clans!”

After leaving the Ning Family, Mr. Shi said to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping did not say anything, his eyes still held a killing intent, looking like he was afraid that he would not leave Kyoto until he had destroyed the Ning Family.

Looking at Chen Ping like this, Mr. Shi shook his head and then left.

Chen Ping followed the Four Evil Men back to the Valley of Evil Men.

And Chen Ping asked Zhao Liguo to directly relocate all of the Shadowless Villa to the Valley of the Wicked.

This vicious battle in the Valley of the Wicked had resulted in almost all the casualties.

Chen Ping decided to rebuild the Vicious Valley, in addition, the Shadowless Villa was in Kyoto, following the forces of the great clans, it was easy to be attacked!

Relocating the Shadowless Villa to the Valley of the Wicked was geographically superior and safer.

There is also the fact that Shadowless Villa and Vicious Valley are both a hall of the Heavenly Dragon Temple, so there is nothing inappropriate about merging them together.