Phoenix Among Men Chapter 125

Xing Jun looked at the playful intent in Chen Ping’s eyes, and for some reason, his body actually trembled, hastily fixed his complexion and said, “What do I have to hope for or not, just come back if you come back!”

“Chen Ping, you came back at the wrong time, we are already full of wine and food, if you want to eat, there are still some leftovers here, you can eat them, the rest is also a waste ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said with a mocking look at Chen Ping!

The others laughed too, their laughter filled with ridicule for Chen Ping!

“What, your mouth doesn’t hurt anymore?” Chen Ping looked at Cui Zhiyuan and sneered!

Cui Zhiyuan froze and instinctively stepped backwards in fear, his hands covering his face!

“Zhiyuan, ignore him, let’s go ……”

Sun Xiaomeng was also afraid that this Chen Ping guy was making a move, so she pulled Cui Zhiyuan away!

All the people also walked out of the private room, and finally only Chen Ping and Wang Han Han were left!

“Brother Chen Ping, if you’re hungry, let’s go to a big stall, don’t eat what’s left of them ……”

Wang Han Han said to Chen Ping.

“You haven’t eaten enough either?” Chen Ping asked, looking at Wang Han Han with some surprise.

“Just now you were taken away and I was worried about you, so …………”

Wang Han Han lowered her head, just now she was worried about Chen Ping’s safety, so she didn’t eat much!

Looking at Wang Han Han that way, Chen Ping felt a little guilty in his heart and said with a faint smile, “Let’s go, let’s go eat at a big stall ……”

Chen Ping took Wang Han Han and walked out!

And outside of Xian He Zhuang, Cui Zhiyuan respectfully opened the car door for Xing Jun: “Mr. Xing, you get in ……”

Xing Jun had one foot up, but finally had backed out and said, “You guys go first, I forgot I still have some things to take care of!”

Xing Jun has to go up and ask Liao Fei Xiong what the hell is going on, if things don’t work out, he has to get his money back to do so!

“What’s the matter with GM Xing, I can help you with it ……”

At this time, Chen Ping walked out with Wang Han Han as well, his face tinged with a faint smile!

“Chen Ping, who do you think you are, you can also deal with General Manager Xing’s matters ……” Cui Zhiyuan snorted coldly, and then respectfully said to Xing Jun: “General Manager Xing, what is the matter, I can help you to deal with it ……”

“Some personal matters of mine, you guys can go first ……”

After Xing Jun finished, he gave Chen Ping a look and turned around to go back to Xian He Zhuang!

“Chen Ping, didn’t you come as a Bentley? Then if you leave now, do you have a Bentley to pick you up too? I haven’t seen a Bentley yet, can you ask your friend to drive it so I can see it ……”

Wang Lanlan suddenly said to Chen Ping with a mocking face.

“Yes, I want to see a Bentley too!”

“I’d love to know what this so-called friend of Chen Ping’s looks like ……”

“But don’t come as a Bentley and go back on a small electric donkey!”

The crowd also mocked at Chen Ping!

“Who am I to let you guys look at?” Chen Ping sneered!

“You’re just bragging, you don’t even have friends who buy Bentleys!”

“The cost of pretending to be a p*ssy is so low now, if pretending to be a p*ssy was against the law, he would have been arrested long ago!”

“Even if it wasn’t illegal to pretend, he’d have been arrested, you’ve forgotten that Chen Ping just got out of jail!”

The crowd sang in unison, attacking Chen Ping, they were doing this purely to please Cui Zhiyuan!

“I do know that Chen Ping came out of jail and was cuckolded straight away, with that kind of ability, what is he bragging about in front of us?”

When Cui Zhiyuan saw that everyone was saying that, he also instantly swelled up, forgetting about the scene where his face hurt just now, and mocked at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s face suddenly turned cold, and immediately afterwards he waved his palm!

Seeing that Chen Ping was about to strike, that Cui Zhiyuan only knew that he was afraid and was so scared that he hurriedly covered his face with both hands and actually hid behind Sun Xiaomeng!

“Chen Ping, what are you doing, if you dare to do it again, I’m not finished with you ……”

Sun Xiaomeng looked at Chen Ping angrily and said!