Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1292

The Valley of the Wicked!

At this moment, Zhao Liguo had gathered all his men, and today the four villains were out of the gate.

And Zhao Liguo planned to bring his men to the Ning family today to fight to the death!

Zhao Liguo knew that it would be a dangerous trip, but he was undaunted!

If Chen Ping dies, Zhao Liguo will never live, he will avenge Chen Ping!

The door of the Devil’s Tower slowly opened and the Four Villains came out from inside.

When the four villains saw Zhao Liguo with all of them, guarding the door of the Demon Tower, they were all stunned.

“Master Zhao, has something happened?”

Ding asked as he turned to Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji had a stony face and pondered for a moment, as he didn’t know how to follow the four villains.

A moment later, Zhao Wuji then opened his mouth and said, “Master Ding Gu, Mr. Chen …… Chen he died ……”

Zhao Wouji’s words instantly caused the four villains to freeze on the spot.

“Zhao Wouji, you fart, how could Mr. Chen be dead, how long have we only been in the tower?”

Ding Buzan cursed at Zhao Wuji.

“You have already stayed for a month, and during that month, Mr. Chen hid in the south, but he was still found by that Ning family’s head, Ning Hai, who then killed Mr. Chen ……”

Zhao Wuji gritted his teeth with a face of grief!

“How could this happen? How did you know the news?”

Ding Da asked in some disbelief.

“It was that Ning Hai himself who said that, and he also released that Mr. Chen was the corpse.”

“I gathered everyone together, just waiting for you all to come out and go and avenge Mr. Chen.”

Zhao Wuji said.

Ding Da Da’s body swayed and almost didn’t fall down, being held up by Ding Bu Er behind him.

“Ning family, I will make him pay in blood ……”

Ding Dada’s eyes widened in anger as his rage burned up.

Ning Zhi had led people to kill almost everyone in the Vicious Valley, and now that Ning Hai had killed Chen Ping.

This blood debt was something that had to be repaid.

“Ning Dahai, I’ll f*ck your ancestors, let’s go kill this b*****d now and avenge Mr. Chen ……”

Ding Buzan gritted his teeth and roared.

“Yes, kill the Ning family, go and avenge Mr. Chen, kill one without paying, kill two, we earn one ……”

Ding Bu Si followed and echoed.

Ding BuDa tried hard to calm himself down for a while before saying, “The Ning family is vastly powerful, it would be a death sentence for those of us who go there.”

“Master Zhao, you should take your men and stay behind, don’t go and send them to their deaths for nothing, the four of us will go!”

When Zhao Liguo heard this, he was stunned and said, “Master Ding Gu, won’t the four of you going be even more of a death sentence for nothing? There are so many of us, we can still put up a fight with the Ning Clan.”

“Don’t worry, none of us are afraid of death, since we have chosen to go, we are determined to die!”

Ding Da waved his hand, “Master Zhao, don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying that you are afraid of death, I just don’t want you to die for nothing!”

“The four of us will be fine to go, at the last moment, we will blow ourselves up ……”

The moment Zhao Liguo heard the word self-destruct, he instantly froze.

Usually very few martial artists chose to blow themselves up, because after they did, it would be smoke and nothing would be left behind, not even a corpse.

And a Martial Marquis’ self-detonation would be even more terrifying!

Zhao Liguo looked at Ding Da, not knowing what to say.

He also instantly understood why Ding did not allow them to go, a Martial Lord would not leave anything within a hundred meters of the scene if he blew himself up.

If they went, they would just end up turning into ashes!

“Yes, we can blow ourselves up, we owe our lives to Mr. Chen anyway, so it’s just as well to go with him!”

Ding Buzan said loudly.

Zhao Liguo gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with reverence!