Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1325

So they could only bring up their sect master to threaten Chen Ping, so that he would not dare to lay a hand on them.

The man at the side, on the other hand, turned pale and looked at the woman beside him with some anger.

Zhu Zhishan had borrowed seven puppet corpses from their Blood Corpse Sect just to kill Chen Ping, only to have Chen Ping kill them in return.

At this time, if the woman told them about their sect, wouldn’t it anger Chen Ping even more?

Then the two of them would have even less hope of surviving.

“The Seven Deadly Star Sovereigns?”

When Chen Ping heard this name, a strong killing intent instantly radiated from his body, “That puppet corpse, it was manipulated by this Blood Corpse Sect of yours, right?”

The man felt the thick killing intent on Chen Ping’s body and knew that something bad was about to happen.

But the woman seemed not to understand that a great calamity was coming, and nodded, “Not bad, no one but our Blood Corpse Sect can refine and manipulate the puppet corpse.”

The woman still had a smug look on her face, but the man on the other side had already looked ashen!

“In that case, then you two will die without complaint, since your Blood Corpse Sect claims to have the strongest spiritual power, then I will use my spiritual power to kill you ……”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, a channel of spiritual power instantly emanated from his mind.

The woman wanted to say something else, but she felt a headache, followed by her entire head exploding instantly.

The man on the side did not escape the fate of having his head exploded either!

“Humph, don’t know how to live ……”

Chen Ping looked at the two corpses and snorted coldly!

Just as Chen Ping was about to leave, several figures suddenly came rushing in and stopped in front of Chen Ping immediately afterwards.

Chen Ping fixed his eyes on them and found that it was Xing Jun from the law enforcement team, who had brought his men over.

Several members of the law enforcement team began to pack up the two corpses, while Xing Jun took out a cigarette and tossed it to Chen Ping.

Xing Jun lit the cigarette for Chen Ping, then took a puff and said, “Now I don’t know how many people want to kill you, yet you still dare to wander around the streets of Kyoto ……”

“It’s a blessing not a curse, it’s a curse you can’t hide from ……”

Chen Ping smiled faintly, “Captain Xing, why did you suddenly appear?”

“Wherever there are evil cultivators, there is me, these two guys are from the Blood Corpse Cult, as soon as they entered the capital, I sent someone to follow them!”

Xing Jun said as he pointed to the two corpses.

“I’m a bit puzzled now, I have nothing to do with following the Blood Corpse Cult, why do they want to kill me repeatedly?”

Chen Ping was somewhat puzzled as to why the Blood Corpse Sect wanted to kill him.

When Xing Jun looked at Chen Ping like that, he grinned and said, “You follow the Heavenly Death Sect and have no grudge, yet the Heavenly Death Sect’s Sect Master Zang Qing wants to kill you, why do you think?”

“Of course they are instructed by someone, these people are just pawns, and there will be more and more of these pawns in the future ……”

Xing Jun followed Chen Ping and explained, while Chen Ping frowned slightly, “Could it be that all of them were directed by that Martial Alliance? How could the Martial Dao Alliance follow so many evil cultivators with ties?”

The Martial Dao Alliance was an organisation formed spontaneously by various local martial arts clans and families to better deal with the evil cultivators at the time when they were rampant.

In recent years, the evil cultivators have all gone into hiding, and the Martial Dao Alliance has become the largest organisation in the Martial Dao community.

But the fact that the Martial Alliance was linked to, and even cooperated with, the evil cultivators made Chen Ping a little puzzled!

When he first broke into the Martial Dao Alliance, he had felt strange when he encountered those four evil cultivators.

“The current Martial Dao world has long since lost the distinction between good and evil, so the Martial Dao world needs a great chaos, as long as the waters in the Martial Dao world are muddy, only then will big fish appear.”

“And the mud and water will also slowly separate over time, it’s a process that is bound to happen.”

Xing Jun followed Chen Ping’s words, but what he said was all from what he had heard from Mr. Shi, Xing Jun himself did not have this kind of eyesight.