Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1328

If the Dong family really wanted to destroy him, it would be as easy as pie.

“I …… am just asking, since that is the case, then it is fine ……”

That clan master sat back in fear.

At this, a burst of sneers spread around, this guy was a member of the Martial Dao Alliance, and now being reprimanded like a dog by Dong Liqun was equivalent to a slap in the face of the Martial Dao Alliance, which made Zhu Zhishan sit up a bit.

“Master Dong Clan, we are here for a meeting today, not a show of authority, if you want to have a match, my Martial Dao Alliance is not afraid of your Dong Clan, don’t think that just because you have annexed the resources of the Ning Clan, you are something.”

Zhu Zhishan said with a cold face, turning to Dong Liqun.

“If you are not convinced then try, I am not afraid of your Martial Dao Alliance?”

Dong Liqun was not the least bit afraid!

Zhu Zhishan was also angered for a moment and stood up violently, and the scene was full of gunpowder for a while.

“Everyone, this is the venue, if you dare to make trouble here, I will see how you will explain to Mr. Shi ……”

Zhao Wuji saw the situation and hurriedly spoke up.

Once he heard the mention of Mr. Shi, Zhu Zhishan then sat back down, while Dong Liqun pulled out a chair, “Mr. Chen, please sit down ……”

Chen Ping was not polite and sat down directly, while Dong Liqun stood behind Chen Ping.

At this moment, the crowd could also see that the Dong family had completely sided with Chen Ping and had become Chen Ping’s little brother.

This scene made Zhu Zhishan’s face look increasingly ugly!

He had originally laid a net of heaven and earth for Chen Ping, so now with the addition of the Dong family, there was no telling what the outcome would be.

The crowd sat in the hall, no one was speaking while Chen Ping was looking coldly at Zhu Zhishan, his eyes full of killing intent!

Su Yuqi was still suffering in the Martial Union, he must find a chance to kill this old brat.

But Zhu Zhishan didn’t even look at Chen Ping, his eyes slightly closed, looking somewhat relaxed and at ease!

The atmosphere in the entire hall was terribly quiet!

After waiting for a full ten minutes, there was still no sign of Mr. Shi’s arrival, which made some sit up and take notice.

Some people began to whisper and murmur!

Another ten minutes pa*sed, a full half an hour, and Mr. Shi was still nowhere to be seen!

This time, there were even more people talking, and the voices were getting louder.

“What does Mr. Shi mean by this? Why isn’t he coming yet?”

“I have things to do at home, it’s never been like this before!”

“Mr Shi is usually very punctual, what’s wrong with him today?”


Some people were starting to get a little upset, but they were only whining in a low voice!

While Chen Ping saw that Mr. Shi hadn’t appeared yet, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and he seemed to understand what Mr. Shi wanted.

“Alright, all stop nagging, whether Mr. Shi comes or not, it’s all going to wait ……”

At this time, Chen Ping spoke up and said loudly.

As Chen Ping’s words fell, the crowd all turned their gazes towards him.

“Chen Ping, you are really a good dog for Mr. Shi, no wonder Mr. Shi is so protective of you!”

At this moment, a family head of a lineage within the Martial Dao Alliance snorted coldly.

He was deliberately looking for a fight, they were all going to make a move to get rid of Chen Ping when he went out here anyway.

Moreover, Zhu Zhishan had promised that whoever could get rid of Chen Ping would get half of the resources for next year’s trials.

“Hahahaha, it’s a good dog ……”

The crowd laughed out loud.

“Chen Ping, don’t think you’re so great, do you feel that by killing Ning Hai, you’re invincible in Kyoto?”

“So many of our clans and families have been at peace with each other, and since you jumped out, you’ve caused the martial arts world in Kyoto to jump around.”

“If it wasn’t for Mr. Shi’s back to protect you, do you think you would still be alive now?”

Seeing this, that family head once again mocked at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping gave that fellow a cold look, then said, “With trash like you, you’re worthy of talking about killing me?”