Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1331

Zhu Zhishan’s analysis was immediately echoed by many people, after all, evil cultivators are highly skilled in their arts and are also proficient in some sorcery, so they are much stronger when it comes to controlling people’s spirits and bodies!

“You’re right, it’s quite possible, back then we killed quite a few evil cultivator experts, but those evil cultivators were highly skilled in their arts.”

“Many of them had taken their souls out of their bodies and hid them, and now they are emerging and clinging to other people’s bodies, most likely.”

Mr. Shi nodded, expressing his agreement with Zhu Zhishan’s statement.

“Another thing is that some ordinary people, after being possessed by evil spirits, will suddenly become much stronger, murderous and have the art of devouring, and can also cultivate by absorbing other people’s essence!”

“And these people we have here, there are people who were previously obscure but suddenly became strong and also have the devouring art.”

After Zhu Zhishan finished his words, everyone was shocked and wanted to know who among them was such a person.

After all, Chen Ping’s details were not known to everyone.

“Lord Zhu, who is this person you speak of? Could it be that an evil cultivator exists among us?”

Someone asked to Zhu Zhishan.

Zhu Zhishan then brought out Chen Ping’s detailed information, “Everyone can take a look at this information and naturally understand ……”

Everyone looked at Chen Ping’s information, and one by one, they looked at Chen Ping with shocked faces.

And at this moment, Chen Ping looked very calm in the face of everyone’s gaze.

This was because he himself knew that he was not at all possessed by any evil spirits, and even more so, he was not an evil cultivator.

“I’m sure everyone knows, this man is Chen Ping, he has reached the Martial Marquis realm in just a few months, how can there be someone with such talent in the world?”

Zhu Zhishan looked coldly at Chen Ping and then said.

“I am just gifted, are you old thing jealous and envious? If you have the ability, why don’t you also upgrade your strength in a few months?”

“When you are not capable yourself, you say that others are also not capable, I really don’t know how your mother taught you ……”

Chen Ping said to Zhu Zhishan with a playful look on his face.

“b*****d, you ……”

When Zhu Zhishan heard this, he burst out in anger.

However, with Mr. Shi present, Zhu Zhishan could only forcefully suppress his anger and did not let it out.

“Even if you are gifted, but how can you explain that devouring technique? Don’t you think that no one will notice when you devour other people’s kung fu ……”

Zhu Zhishan questioned at Chen Ping.

“Who am I to explain to you? Apart from evil cultivators, there are more techniques that can devour other people’s merit power, it’s just that you don’t know how!”

Chen Ping said as he glanced at Zhu Zhishan.

“Humph, you are just being sophomoric, you are clearly an evil spirit into your body, since you came to Kyoto, our entire Kyoto martial arts community has become a mess, today we are going to remove you, an evil cultivator, for the Kyoto martial arts community ……”

Zhu Zhishan snorted coldly, the killing aura on his body was soaring!

The others were all staring angrily at Chen Ping, as soon as Zhu Zhishan made his move, they would all flock to him as well!

Dong Liqun, who was behind Chen Ping, was shocked and embarra*sed: “Mr. Chen, you …………”

Dong Liqun also did not know if Chen Ping was an evil cultivator or not.

Chen Ping looked back at Dong Liqun with a faint smile, “Do you believe that I am an evil cultivator?”

Dong Liqun looked at Chen Ping and was speechless for a moment, while Dong Jiahao, who was at the side, said, “I believe that brother Chen Ping is definitely not an evil cultivator, and even if he is an evil cultivator, he is still a hundred times better than those guys who are fetching fame and morality!”

Dong Jiahao’s words deeply stung many people, in the martial arts world nowadays, where was the distinction between good and evil, some famous sects, for the sake of profit and strength, did things that were more abominable than even evil cultivators.

The atmosphere at the scene became tense, the sound of dozens of people’s nervous heartbeats and even breathing was unusually clear in the quiet, treacherous atmosphere.