Phoenix Among Men Chapter 139

“Cut the crap, give me the information ……”

Chen Ping had a face of impatience, this Cui Zhiyuan said so much nonsense, in fact, in his heart, he was still cynical and wanted to embarra*s himself!

Cui Zhiyuan’s face was cold and he directly dumped the information to Chen Ping!

“Humph, this time I will definitely find a way to fire you for being so arrogant ……”

Cui Zhiyuan gritted his teeth as he secretly thought in his heart!

“Cui Zhiyuan, what do you mean by that? I’ve always been the one talking about this Tianmei, do you know how long I’ve been with him? Why are you giving it to him all of a sudden?”

At this point, Sun Xiaomeng got anxious and shouted directly at Cui Zhiyuan!

Everyone knew that Tianmei was a big client, and that the commission must be especially high if it could be negotiated, so from the beginning Cui Zhiyuan gave this Tianmei to Sun Xiaomeng, after all, no one in the sales department dared to say anything about his relationship with Sun Xiaomeng!

And for this client, Cui Zhiyuan had accompanied Sun Xiaomeng on many trips, and Sun Xiaomeng had been working hard too!

But at this time, the client was suddenly given to Chen Ping, how could Sun Xiaomeng not be angry!

Cui Zhiyuan pulled Sun Xiaomeng and said to Sun Xiaomeng, “Don’t make a scene yet, I’ll explain to you later ……”

After saying that, Cui Zhiyuan looked at Chen Ping and said, “Chen Ping, this client is the most important client of our company, so you have to hurry up, you set a time, when can we talk about it?”

“Tomorrow ……”

Chen Ping was going to say afternoon, but thought about the fact that he still had to inform Lin Tianhu and go ahead and hit the ground running, so he said tomorrow!

“Tomorrow?” Cui Zhiyuan froze!

Everyone in the sales department froze, each one looking at Chen Ping incredulously!

“Chen Ping, are you out of your mind? This is Tianmei Rihua, you’re saying you can negotiate the contract down tomorrow?”

Wang Lanlan snorted out a laugh and said with a face full of contempt.

“Chen Ping, can you stop bragging, do you know how long I’ve been following this client? It’s been three months, three months I haven’t been able to negotiate, and you can do it tomorrow?”

Sun Xiaomeng looked at Chen Ping with anger, this Chen Ping said this, it was simply humiliating her!

She hadn’t been able to negotiate for three months, but Chen Ping said that he could do it in a day, wasn’t that shameful?

When Cui Zhiyuan saw Chen Ping’s look, he sneered, “Chen Ping, this is what you said, if you can’t negotiate, you’d better get lost, we don’t want people who talk big in the sales department!”

“No problem!” Chen Ping quickly agreed!

If it was so easy, he wouldn’t have accompanied Sun Xiaomeng for three months, besides, Tianmei was a big client and the Xiao family was watching, so it wasn’t that easy to negotiate!

Cui Zhiyuan pulled Sun Xiaomeng into the office to explain, while the rest of the sales department looked at Chen Ping with disdain and dispersed!

Chen Ping got the information and didn’t read it, but sent it to Lin Tianhu, while Wang Han Han got nervous and spent the whole day studying Tian Mei’s information!

“Han Han, you have a cla*smate party tonight, it’s almost the end of the day, so get ready first, don’t read that information!”

Chen Ping saw Wang Han Han’s anxious face, constantly studying Tian Mei’s information, so he persuaded!

“Brother Chen Ping, Tianmei is too difficult to deal with, and the general manager of Tianmei is a person who doesn’t like salt and oil, so what can we talk about tomorrow?”

Wang Han Han had no desire to attend the cla*s reunion, if the contract was not negotiated tomorrow, Chen Ping would be fired, and if Chen Ping left, Wang Han Han did not want to stay!

“Don’t you trust me?” Chen Ping looked at Wang Han Han: “If I say I can, I definitely can, don’t worry!”