Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1415

“Brother Chen Ping, this Sun Peng is Ge Jiayi’s number one licking dog, so I guess he was jealous in his heart after seeing you and Ge Jiayi shake hands for a long time just now.”

Dong Jiahao looked at Chen Ping and said with a playful smile.

Chen Ping laughed helplessly, “Lick the dog, lick the dog, lick until you end up with nothing ……”

But before Chen Ping’s words left his mouth, he suddenly felt a strong wind coming from behind him!

That Sun Peng took advantage of Chen Ping’s inattention and clenched his fists, with an endlessly domineering aura, and smashed fiercely at Chen Ping.

It looked as if he had some kind of blood feud with Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s face turned cold, followed by a turn to dodge the punch.

Looking at Sun Peng’s murderous gaze, Chen Ping’s face also turned ugly.

He had no enmity with Sun Peng, but this guy was actually killing himself, really treating himself as a soft persimmon and wanting to kick him twice.

Soon, a golden light flashed up on Chen Ping’s body, and his fists also flashed with golden light.

Originally, Ge Jiayi wanted to persuade the fight and pull Sun Peng away, but when she saw that Chen Ping was going to do it, Ge Jiayi did not move, she wanted to see if Chen Ping’s real skills were as amazing as the legend said.

She wanted to see if Chen Ping’s real skills were as amazing as the legends. The people around her were all watching, no one stepped in to stop them!

And that Sun Peng didn’t know it yet, but he once again slammed his fist towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping met him head on, without any fancy moves, just a fierce punch!


There was a loud bang and a huge fluctuation of energy, which set off a gale of wind!

The next thing he saw was that Sun Peng’s body flying backwards, otherwise there would have been many people around to stop Sun Peng, and it was estimated that this guy would have flown out of the square.

Chen Ping, on the other hand, had a gloomy face and didn’t move a muscle!

Sun Peng stood up in anger, only that he could no longer lift his right arm, just now Chen Ping’s punch had broken his bones.

But in front of Ge Chia-Yi, Sun Peng didn’t want to look too wretched.

“Kid, I’m not in good shape today, remember that, I’ll clean you up sooner or later ……”

Sun Peng looked fierce and pointed at Chen Ping, “If I know you bullied Jiayi, I’ll get you killed ……”

After saying that, Sun Peng changed his smile to look at Ge Jiayi: “Jiayi, if this Chen Ping dares to bully you, you tell me, I’ll find someone to get him killed, I still have some business, I’ll leave first ……”

At this moment, Sun Peng’s forehead was full of cold sweat, and the pain coming from his arm made him unable to stay long.

Just as Sun Peng turned around to leave, Chen Ping shouted at him.

“Taking a shot at me and wanting to leave?”

Chen Ping said coldly.

“What? Do you still want to do something to me?”

Sun Peng turned to look at Chen Ping, his eyes narrowing as he said.

“I will not offend if people do not offend me, if people offend me, then I will kill …………”

With the word kill out of his mouth, the killing aura on Chen Ping’s body instantly filled out, and the temperature in the entire square instantly dropped!

Only a golden light flashed on Chen Ping’s body, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Sun Peng’s eyes.

Sun Peng simply had no time to react and was directly struck in the chest by Chen Ping’s palm.


The fierce spiritual power slapped fiercely on Sun Peng’s body, directly sending his body flying out.

This slap caused Sun Peng to spit out blood and scream miserably in mid-air!

Soon, Sun Peng’s body hit the ground hard, causing cracks in the ground!

Chen Ping’s body followed suit and landed in front of Sun Peng again.

Sun Peng was lying on the ground, his face very ugly.

And Chen Ping had a foot on Sun Peng’s head, his face was terribly cold!

Sun Peng felt the killing intent on Chen Ping’s body and began to become frightened inside!

Just as he was asking for mercy, he saw Ge Jiayi walking over, and Sun Peng’s vanity instantly made him harden up.

“Chen Ping, kill me if you f*cking dare, or I’ll get you killed when I stand up ……”

Sun Peng acted very tough, but in fact he was already scared to death inside!