Phoenix Among Men Chapter 144

Leng Bing looked at that expression of the crowd, the corner of his mouth slightly raised: “Although this meal today doesn’t cost much, but I know that many of you are not rich in your hands now, all you have to do now is to call me Brother Bing and toast me, and I will pay for you ……”

After Leng Bing finished speaking, his gaze looked towards Wang Han Han and Chen Ping both, it was obvious that this offer from Leng Bing was aimed at them both!

“Brother Bing is mighty, I’ll toast you first ……”

As soon as the words fell, someone immediately lifted a gla*s of wine to toast Leng Bing!

Soon, all of them were full of flattery and gave a toast to Leng Bing, and in the end, only Wang Han Han, Chen Ping and Wu Yi Fan were left!

“Yi Fan, aren’t you going to give a toast to Brother Bing?”

Wang Yutian asked.

“Eighteen thousand dollars, I still have it …………”

Wu Yi Fan’s meaning was obvious, she would rather pay this share of money herself than give a toast to Leng Bing!

“What kind of big money are you pretending to be? How many times do you have to be slept with to earn this eighteen thousand yuan? For your own good, you still don’t appreciate it ……”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

This sentence, like a bolt from the blue, immediately exploded, everyone looked at Wu Yi Fan!

And Wu Yifan’s face was blue, feeling the gazes of the crowd, even the feeling of drilling into a rat hole!

“Wang Yutian, what the f*ck are you talking about, believe it or not I’ll get you killed …………”

Wu Yifan stood up with a scuffle, still carrying a bottle in his hand!

“Wu Yifan, your mouth is clean, who is talking nonsense, what do you do yourself, you do not know yourself?”

Wang Yutian was not willing to show any weakness either!

Wu Yifan was trembling with anger as she held the bottle in her hand and was about to throw it at Wang Yutian!

She regretted it now, she treated Wang Yutian as her sister, but she betrayed her!

Zhang Miao got up and snatched the bottle out of Wu Yifan’s hand, yelling coldly, “What are you two doing? I’m the one who organised this reunion today, are you two not giving me face by making such a scene? If that’s the case, you two get the hell out of here ……”

Zhang Miao herself relied on the fact that Leng Bing was her boyfriend, so she made herself the dominant one!

But after such a yell, Wang Yutian didn’t dare to speak anymore, and Wu Yifan sat back with tears in her angry eyes!

But the crowd looked at Wu Yifan with a bit of fire in their eyes, especially the male students, after all, Wu Yifan was quite good looking, and now they might be able to sleep with Wu Yifan for just a few hundred dollars for one night!

After this incident, Wu Yi Fan kept her head down and didn’t say a word.

“Come on, let’s all eat together, usually you can’t eat something this good ……”

Zhang Miao did not care about Wu Yifan, but said to the crowd.

The crowd began to eat lively, no one bothered about Wu Yifan, only Wang Hanhan kept comforting Wu Yifan, but Wu Yifan still didn’t say a word!

The crowd pushed and exchanged gla*ses, while Chen Ping just ate by himself, no one paid any attention to him, and he didn’t pay any attention to anyone either!

Leng Bing looked at Chen Ping and lifted a gla*s of wine with the corners of his mouth raised, “Brother Chen Ping, why are you only eating the food and not drinking? You want to eat your share back? Don’t get burnt out ……”

“Hahahahaha ………………”

As soon as Leng Bing’s words fell, the crowd roared with laughter!

Chen Ping wiped his mouth with a tissue and said without a trace of anger, “This wine is too inferior, I’m not used to drinking it ……”

Chen Ping said, the crowd was stunned, this wine is Maotai, several thousand dollars a bottle, Chen Ping actually said he was not used to drinking it?

Leng Bing sneered: “You’re not even used to drinking this Maotai, what do you want to drink? This wine doesn’t cost you any money, but if you choose another wine, you’ll have to spend a share of the money too ……”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s money or not, mainly I drink too inferior wine cough ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently!