Phoenix Among Men Chapter 151

“You haven’t paid the four hundred and fifty thousand dollars for your dinner, so how come you don’t have a bill? Do you think the hotel will let you go if you don’t pay?”

Leng Bing snorted coldly.

“I don’t have to pay for my meals anywhere, so how can I have a bill? Have you made a mistake?” Chen Ping said with a raised eyebrow.

“You don’t have to play dumb here, so many people are watching, and so many service staff are at the hotel, are you trying to eat a bully meal? Don’t think that just because you got out of jail, you feel like a bully, this is the Su family’s property, if you want to have a bully meal here, you’re very wrong!”

Leng Bing thought that Chen Ping wanted to have a bully meal on account of his status as a reformed labourer!

“I don’t eat bully meals, you can ask the hotel if it costs me anything to eat!” Chen Ping said with a smile!

Leng Bing looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled face, but finally looked at the front desk and asked, “This guy wants to eat bully meals without paying, what are you going to do about it?”

“Hello this gentleman, Mr. Chen does not need to spend money to eat with us ……”

The front desk lady said politely!

With a single word, it was like a thunderstorm, causing Leng Bing to freeze on the spot at once!

Even the others were astonished, how could they not understand how Chen Ping could eat here without spending any money.

“Why? Why doesn’t he have to spend any money?” Leng Bing asked incredulously.

“I don’t have to explain to you, the two million one hundred thousand you spent, excluding the four hundred and fifty thousand for Mr. Chen and the others, you still need to pay one million six hundred and fifty thousand, is it by credit card or transfer?”

The front desk lady said without being condescending!

At this moment, Leng Bing’s entire body was as dumb as a fool, he really couldn’t understand what kind of status Chen Ping had, how could he eat at the Regal Hotel without having to spend money?

Zhang Miao and that Wang Yutian were also sizing up Chen Ping incredulously, they wanted to see Chen Ping through!

“Cheating a woman’s money, it doesn’t cost that much, one million six hundred and fifty thousand for the meal, you can give it now ……”

Chen Ping sneered and looked at Leng Bing with disdain and contempt in his eyes!

Leng Bing felt the look in Chen Ping’s eyes and instantly understood: “You …… you f*cking pitted me?”

Chen Ping didn’t have to spend money on eating here, so of course he could just order expensive wine and drink it, and Leng Bing didn’t know that, but he actually followed the foolish pretence and followed Chen Ping in climbing, and this time he was pitted by Chen Ping himself!

“It is to pit you, what can you do?” Chen Ping didn’t hesitate to admit it!

He had intended to pit this Cold Ice from the start.

“This gentleman, please pay the money ……”

The receptionist urged at Leng Bing!

Leng Bing at this time has long been angry all over slightly trembling, he now which has so much money, but if directly let these people to raise money, then his own hard-earned persona will also collapse, finally helpless can only set out the card said: “swipe the card ……”

The receptionist took the card and quickly returned it saying, “Your card balance is insufficient ……”

Leng Bing pretended to take the card back and said, “Impossible, there is a two million payment for goods said to arrive today, has not yet called?”

And at this moment, everyone looked at Leng Bing, their foreheads started to sweat, they were really afraid that this Leng Bing didn’t have money, and finally asked them to put the money together!

This was more than a million, they would have to take more than a hundred thousand for each one of them, who had that much money!

“Brother Bing, what should we do then?” Zhang Miao asked to Leng Bing with some anxiety.

“How about this, my payment for the goods didn’t come today, let’s all pool our money together, when my payment arrives, I’ll pay everyone back ……”

Leng Bing turned his head to the crowd and said!

“Yes, let’s all chip in together, Brother Bing because the payment for the goods didn’t arrive, wait until afterwards and let Brother Bing pay everyone back ……”

Zhang Miao also helped Leng Bing explain!