Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1527

The Martial Arts Alliance!

Ning Zhi sat in the hall drinking tea, he knew that with the four Black Bronze Robes out, Chen Ping would surely die!

Although he could not kill Chen Ping with his own hands and avenge his father, Ning Zhi did not care.

His ambition now had long since gone beyond just taking revenge.

Just then, three black bronze robes hurriedly rushed back!

Seeing the men return, Ning Zhi hurriedly rose to greet them!

As a Black Bronze Robe, Ning Zhi didn’t dare to act big in front of these people!

But when he saw that several people were covered in wounds and that only three had returned, a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart!

“Did you kill that Chen Ping?”

Ning Zhi asked suspiciously.

The three Black Bronze Robes did not speak, but grabbed their tea bowls and gulped down a meal!

A moment later, one of the Black Bronze Robes said, “That Chen Ping is beyond our imagination in strength, how on earth did you provide the information?”

“Now that we’ve lost a spatial artifact and a man has died, think of your own reasons as to how you’ll follow the great powers and give an account!”

As soon as Ning Zhi heard this, his entire body froze.

“Impossible, even if that Chen Ping was strong, he couldn’t possibly be a match for the four of you, how did it come to this?”

Ning Zhi didn’t understand, how could four mid Martial Marquis Black Bronze Robes, plus a spatial magic weapon, not be able to kill Chen Ping!

Even if Chen Ping’s strength grew even faster, it wasn’t so perverse.

“What do you mean?” The three black bronze robes looked at Ning Zhi at the same time, “Are you saying that we didn’t do our best?”

The three men’s eyes were icy cold, and they carried a strong sense of threat!

They knew the consequences of not doing their best and failing to complete the mission.

“I don’t mean that, I just feel a little unbelievable ……”

Ning Zhi said with a frown.

“Let’s talk about it when Alliance Master Zhu returns, he was there watching and can testify for us ……”

A black copper robe finished speaking and sat down directly, not speaking anymore.

Ning Zhi also sat back down, now he could only wait for Zhu Zhishan to come back, what was originally a sure thing, I don’t know how it got into this state.

Soon, Zhu Zhishan also returned, with anger and resentment on his face!

If Ge Fuhai hadn’t intervened, Chen Ping would have died for sure, and if those three black bronze robes hadn’t finally backed out of the battle, Chen Ping wouldn’t have been able to hold on at all.

“All of them are f*cking trash ……”

Zhu Zhishan cursed fiercely, but it was useless to curse in any way, there was no ifs in this world either ……

Seeing that Zhu Zhishan had returned, Ning Zhi hurriedly stepped forward.

“Zhu alliance master, what happened to that Chen Ping? Four black bronze robes didn’t even manage to kill him?”

Ning Zhi asked, puzzled.

“If these Black Bronze Robes hadn’t chickened out and fled in the end, then Chen Ping would have died for sure ……”

Zhu Zhishan glanced at the three black bronze robes and said with a face full of indignation.

These black bronze robes were of a higher status than Zhu Zhishan, otherwise Zhu Zhishan would have ordered by now that these three black bronze robes that had escaped back be put to death.

“Escaped?” Ning Zhi froze, sweeping the three Black Bronze Robes away!

“Zhu Zhishan, what kind of bullsh*t are you talking about? Was that us escaping? What was going on at the time, aren’t you clear?”

“That Chen Ping broke the spatial artifact and decapitated one of our brothers.”

“In the end, he even started burning his essence blood to fight us to the death, so if we fought on, we would just be sending death in vain ……”

The three black bronze robes just roared at Zhu Zhishan, also defending themselves.

“After you guys escaped, that Chen Ping pa*sed out straight away, he is already at the end of his rope and is scaring you.”

Seeing that the three black bronze robes still had the face to defend themselves, Zhu Zhishan said with disdain.

“Since you pa*sed out, have you killed that Chen Ping yet?”

One of the black bronze robes asked.

“I …………”

Zhu Zhishan was speechless at once.

“Lord Zhu, since that Chen Ping had fainted at the end of his strength, you should have easily killed him, so did you kill him?”

Ning Zhi also asked at Zhu Zhishan.