Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1599

Kyoto, Ge family!

“Dad, that Dragon Family is making such a fuss, openly pressing many sects and families to submit, why doesn’t the official step in as well?”

Ge Jiayi asked, full of indignation as she watched the Long Family being so arrogant.

“Who can understand Mr. Shi’s mind, but regardless of whether the officials care or not, we will have to save ourselves.”

“This Long Xiao’s methods are going to be even more ruthless than the old Martial Arts Union, he can’t possibly watch us go it alone, he will definitely make a move against us.”

“I’m going out for a while, you have to remember, no matter what don’t follow the Long family to start a conflict, everyone in the Ge family, no emergency, no one is allowed to go out anymore ……”

Ge Fuhai’s eyes were dense with worry!

“Dad, why are you so afraid of that Long family? Our Ge family’s strength is not inferior to the Long family, right? And with your strength, you don’t necessarily can’t beat that Long Xiao, so why are you afraid of him?”

Ge Jiayi was a little confused as to why her own father was so nervous!

“Our Ge family has never asked about matters in the martial arts world, if we really fight with the Long family this time, then I’m afraid that our Ge family’s secrets won’t be a secret anymore, and our Ge family’s rest and recuperation for thousands of years will go down the drain ……”

Ge Fuhai’s eyes worry colour more thick a few points, then continued: “you do not ask anything, just listen to my arrangements, Kyoto martial arts world is now chaos, this matter I must report up to do, in the future we Ge family want to be alone, afraid it is very difficult …… ”

Ge Fuhai said, hands together, a light instantly rises to the sky, then the entire Ge family is enveloped in a curtain of light!

“I activated the formation, as long as you don’t go out, you will be fine, remember, no matter what happens, don’t go out at will!”

Ge Fuhai said, his body surprisingly slowly began to vanish, and in the end, he simply disappeared.

At this moment, Ge Fuhai had already used the spatial technique and left Kyoto in an instant!


Pill God Valley, during this time Chen Ping had been staying in Pill God Valley and had not returned to Kyoto.

However, what had happened in Kyoto, Chen Ping knew all of it without missing a beat.

“I really didn’t expect that that Long Xiao had broken through to Grand Martial Marquis, I’m afraid that the current Long Family is at its most scenic.”

Long Wu looked in the direction of Kyoto and said indifferently.

“No, it’s only been a few months, the Kyoto martial arts world has really changed, who would have thought that Zhu Zhishan would be killed by Long Xiao, originally the two were clanging together, it’s simply too ironic ……”

Chen Ping’s face flashed a few moments of worry!

Long Xiao had broken through to the Great Martial Marquis, then he was afraid that it would be a few more points harder to deal with the Long family.

“Now that the entire Kyoto martial arts world has to almost look at the Long family’s face, I’m afraid that it will be much harder to save Missy at this time.”

Long Wu lamented, now that the Long Family was getting stronger, that meant the chances of getting Long Ruotong out were getting smaller and smaller!

“Perhaps the Long Family is now in its last frenzy before its demise, let’s wait and see ……”

Chen Ping knew that with Long Xiao’s style, there would definitely be a lot of discontent in the Kyoto martial arts community!

Moreover, Chen Ping still knew something about the strength of the Martial Arts Union, and it was impossible to watch Long Xiao take control of the entire Martial Arts Union.

He believed that a conflict would soon break out between the Martial Dao Alliance and the Dragon Family.

And at this moment, every member of the Dragon Family in Kyoto was overflowing with joy!

The status of the Dragon Family was now an honour and a symbol!

When the Long family walked down the street, they all had to dodge!

Long Xiao and Long Jingguo’s hearts had long since swelled to the breaking point!

And those other clans and families could only dare not speak out in anger, as Long Xiao’s ruthless methods were far more vicious than that Martial Alliance!