Phoenix Among Men Chapter 172

After all, it was not difficult for Gu Mantian to find a doctor with good medical skills as his contacts were extensive and his face was large, except that after hearing about Old Song’s wife’s condition, Gu Mantian immediately guessed that Old Song’s wife should not be as simple as being sick, so he found Chen Ping!

Soon, under Old Song’s guidance, Chen Ping and the others arrived at a small courtyard, which was very small, with only three brick houses, and chickens and ducks kept in one corner of the courtyard, with an unpleasant smell in the air!

As soon as they entered the courtyard, Su Yuqi frowned slightly and covered her nose and mouth, for Su Yuqi, who rarely came to such places, could not stand the smell, but Chen Ping did not feel anything, after all, he also lived in the countryside for more than ten years before following his mother to the city!

Chen Ping had just entered the room when they heard a woman crying out in the room on the left, her voice was harsh and particularly frightening!

“Ah …… I will kill you all, I will kill you all ………… I am now the Queen Mother, I will sentence you to death ……”

The woman’s crying and screaming voice scared Su Yuqi so much that her face turned pale, one hand clutching Chen Ping’s sleeve, she somewhat regretted coming along!

Old Song opened the door to the room on the left, only to see an old woman inside, in her sixties, with long ago white hair and a wrinkled face, who was now shouting madly.

There was only a bed inside the room, nothing else, and the old woman jumped onto the bed immediately after seeing someone enter!

“Who are you? How dare you break into my palace, I will have you arrested ……”

The old woman roared with wide eyes!

“Wife, I’ve got someone here to see you, so stop it ……”

The husband went over to comfort his wife!

But who knows the old woman went up and bit Lao Song hard and then ran to the corner!

“Ai ……” Old Song saw this and sighed helplessly!

“How long has your lady been like this? Has it been crazy all this time?”

Chen Ping asked to Old Song.

“It’s been seven or eight days, not all the time, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad, only now the good times are getting less and less ……”

Old Song said with a sad face!

“I heard from ancient times that you came back after visiting the cemetery, and your wife is like this?”

Chen Ping continued to ask.

Old Song nodded, “Yes, a few days ago my wife always said she missed her son, so I took her to visit the cemetery, but who knew that she would be like this at night ……”

“Mr. Chen, Old Song’s son was lost in an accident some years ago ……”

Gu Lao hurriedly followed Chen Ping and explained!

Chen Ping looked at Old Song and his wife and a pity rose in his heart, losing a son in old age was the saddest thing of all.

“Did anything strange happen after you went to the cemetery?” Chen Ping asked.

Old Song thought for a moment, then shook his head, “No, everything was quite normal, nothing happened ……”

“Mr. Chen, could Old Song’s wife be possessed by a ghost?” Gu Lao asked in a small voice.

“Let me take a look first!” Chen Ping said and took out a cloth bag from his body, inside were rows and rows of silver needles!

Soon, Chen Ping pulled out a silver needle and headed towards the old woman in the corner!

Seeing this, Old Song hurriedly blocked in front of Chen Ping: “You must be careful, don’t let my wife hurt you, she has disowned you now ……”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine!” Chen Ping smiled faintly!

When Chen Ping reached the old woman, the old woman suddenly rushed towards Chen Ping and opened her mouth to bite!

The silver needle in Chen Ping’s hand stabbed into the old woman’s neck, and the old woman froze straight away, and then fell onto the bed with a poof!

Seeing this, Old Song rushed up and shook his wife with great force. When he saw that his wife was not moving, Old Song instantly became anxious and immediately yelled at Chen Ping, “What have you done to my wife? Is she dead?”