Phoenix Among Men Chapter 174

“What is it?”

Gu Wentian and Chen Ping asked together in unison.

“It’s a Lingzhi, it looks big, like a wild Lingzhi, but it’s a bit different following the others, my wife thought it must be worth a lot of money, so she brought it back.”

Old Song said with an embarra*sed look on his face!

“Where is the stuff? Bring it to me and show me ……”

Chen Ping said!

Old Song nodded and walked out of the room and soon came with a very large gla*s bottle in his hand!

Inside the gla*s bottle, there was indeed a tired Lingzhi thing, except that this Lingzhi didn’t look like a plant!

“What kind of Lingzhi is this? It’s obviously just a pile of rotten meat ……”

Su Yuqi almost didn’t throw up when she saw what was inside the gla*s bottle!

“This is not rotten meat, it is indeed a plant, growing on the ground, only it looks just like a meat product ……”

Said Old Song as he opened the gla*s bottle and took the thing out!

“Old Song, be careful of the poison ……”

Gu Wentian saw that Old Song was actually going to take the thing out with his hands and hurriedly shouted!

“It’s alright, I took it out long ago, if it was poisonous, it would have been poisoned long ago!”

Old Song didn’t think anything of it and took out the lingzhi-like thing straight away!

“Then in that case, it’s impossible for your wife to have been poisoned by something like this!”

Gu Wentian analyzed!

Since Old Song was fine holding it, his wife couldn’t have been poisoned just by touching it!

“It’s fine to touch it, but a bite would be poisoned ……”

Chen Ping said, taking the lingzhi-like object in Old Song’s hand and gently turning it over, only to see that at the bottom, there was actually a small nick on the object, which had obviously been bitten!

When Old Song saw the nick, he was immediately surprised, “I told her a long time ago that this unknown thing should not be eaten easily, but I didn’t expect that she had really secretly taken a bite, if I had known that I would not have let her put it up!”

Old Song was regretting it and kept pounding himself!

“Old Song, don’t blame yourself either, Mr. Chen will have a solution!”

Old Song was stopped by Gu Wentian, and then he looked at Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, what the hell is this? It doesn’t look like a lingzhi!”

Chen Ping reached out and took the lingzhi-like object in Old Song’s hand and gently squeezed it, the lingzhi-like object seemed to move a little, as if it felt something.

“This is called Wu Tau Flesh Chi, also known as Flesh Chi, wherever there is a great rush of feng shui and an imbalance of clear water, this kind of thing will grow, although this is also a plant, it has eyes like animals and can feel everything in the outside world, this Flesh Chi has one eye called Tai Tai, two eyes Qing Hu, as long as it can grow to have all five senses, it will also become Wu Tau Flesh Chi, this kind of thing is very rare, usually at It is very rare and is usually picked by mistake at a very young age or eaten by other animals, and very few of them can grow into shape!”

“It’s extremely poisonous and uses the rotting flesh underground as nutrients, so it has a high chance of growing in graveyards. …”

Chen Ping explained meticulously!

Hearing Chen Ping’s words, that old Song trembled in fear, fortunately, because his wife was sick, it made him not have time to make the medicinal wine yet, otherwise he would have been finished too!

“Mr. Chen, then old Song’s wife this means there is still salvation is there?”

Gu asked in a small voice.

“There is salvation!” Chen Ping nodded and returned the fleshy lingzhi to Old Song, then took out the silver needles and began to stab Old Song’s wife’s body quickly!

A few moments later, Old Song’s wife woke up, followed by a mouthful of black blood spitting out of her mouth!