Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1761

When Chen Ping heard that, he rolled his eyes, everyone knew that if they found the eye of the formation, the formation could be broken, after all, the eye of the formation was the weakest point of every formation!

But the hardest part was how to find the eye of the formation!

Fan Jiang also seemed to see what was in Chen Ping’s mind and said, “Mr. Chen, Master Hu is a master of talisman, and every talisman corresponds to a spell formation, if you find him, perhaps Master Hu can know where the eye of the formation is, or he can break the formation.”

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, his eyes lit up, indeed the reason why each talisman possessed different abilities was because the spell formation given on top of each talisman was different, so the abilities were different!

For example, the killing formation and the mountain protection formation were merely condensing that formation onto the talisman paper, which made each talisman have different abilities!

Only this ability to draw talismans is not available to everyone.

You can set up a formation, but not necessarily be able to draw a talisman and lay it out on top of the talisman paper!

By the same token, Pocky Hu can draw talismans and is almost invincible in the art of talismans, but if he really had to set up a mountain protection formation in one clan, he wouldn’t be able to do it!

All things are interchangeable, yet different in their own way!

Chen Ping, who had figured it out, decided that after he killed Nie Cheng in public tomorrow, he would immediately go to find Pocky Hu.

If Pocky Hu couldn’t do it, they could go to the relics of the Heavenly Rune Sect and maybe have a strange encounter! Remember the website

Now with the Blood Devil flesh in, it’s like a walking tank, no need to be afraid of those organs laid down in the ruins at all!

The next day early morning!

The martial arts arena was packed with people, because Chen Ping had decided to publicly execute Nie Cheng here today!

This was the first Alliance Master to be executed in the history of the Martial Arts Alliance!

After all, Chen Ping’s Dragon Sect was just a sect and had no right to execute the Alliance’s leader!

It would take an official word to do so, but when Chen Ping decided to execute Nie Cheng, there was not a sound from the officials.

The crowd also understood that with Chen Ping’s relationship with Mr. Shi, it was only natural for the officials to remain silent.

Inside a dungeon at Dragon Gate, Chen Ping personally took Nie Cheng out!

Nie Cheng also seemed to know what was going to happen to him, and his face turned very pale beyond recognition!

“Chen Ping, can you …… not kill me, I can tell you more of the secrets of the Martial Alliance ……”

Nie Cheng said with a trembling body.

When Chen Ping heard this, he was stunned and said, “What other secrets do you know about the Martial Dao Alliance?”

“I’ll only tell you if you promise not to kill me first ……”

Nie Cheng said.

“Do you think you still have the qualifications to bargain with me?”

Chen Ping said with a cold face.

Feeling the icy coldness on Chen Ping’s body, Nie Cheng hesitated for a moment before finally gritting his teeth and saying, “Fine, I’ll tell you, and I hope you’ll let me go ……”

Nie Cheng said, and was about to open his mouth when he heard an old voice coming from the side, “You know but the skinny, and you dare to call yourself a secret?”

Chen Ping and Nie Cheng were startled at the same time and hurriedly turned around to look!

They found that somehow, behind them, a hunchbacked old man had appeared!

Chen Ping was startled and asked the old man, “Who are you? How did you get in?”

One had to know that the Dragon Gate was now heavily guarded, so how could a stranger just enter.

Moreover, this man was already very close to Chen Ping and the others at this point, and Chen Ping had not even noticed, so it was obvious how strong the other party was!

“It doesn’t matter how I got in, what matters is that the titled Black Silver Robe is so afraid of death, what a disgrace to the Martial Dao Alliance.”

The hunchbacked old man sighed and shook his head.

“You’re from the Martial Dao Alliance?” Chen Ping frowned.

And that Nie Cheng was scared to the extreme, he did not know this hunchbacked old man, as they were all covered in black robes during their meetings, and no one knew each other’s identity.