Phoenix Among Men Chapter 178

Originally Chen Ping wanted to settle the matter calmly, it was the other party’s fault itself, to overtake a car in such a place as the entrance of the district, but who knew that the other party would curse as soon as he got out of the car, which made Chen Ping’s anger leap up instantly!

“It was clearly you who suddenly broke into the front, how can you blame me for hitting your car?”

Chen Ping questioned at the woman!

“What? You’re a broken Changan, what are you blocking the road at the entrance? Is this place where you can come?” The woman looked at Chen Ping with contempt, and then yelled at the security guards, “What kind of gatekeepers are you, can you even let such a car into the district? It’s a disgrace to our community and a stain on the face of us homeowners ……”

A few security guards looked at the arrogant woman, but also dared not speak, after all, they are just a security guard, simply can not afford to mess with the woman in front of them.

Chen Ping looked at the woman’s arrogant look and wanted to go up to her and slap her twice, but thinking that he had to hurry to cultivate and did not want to delay, he said to the woman, “Just say a number, how much do you want, I don’t have time to talk to you here ……”

The woman saw that Chen Ping was still a little impatient and immediately raised her voice, “Do you know how much my car costs? You can’t repair it without a hundred or two hundred thousand dollars, and it’s not enough to pay me for your car.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just say a number ……” Chen Ping frowned slightly!

“You dare to call me nonsense? Believe me or not ……”

The woman said, raised her hand to give Chen Ping a slap, only to be grabbed by Chen Ping, and then directly slapped the woman’s face fiercely!

The woman with sungla*ses flew straight out, even the straw hat on her head flew off, which made the arrogant woman freeze at once!

She hadn’t even thought that Chen Ping would dare to make a move on herself, where did a man who drove a broken Chang’an get the guts to do that?

“Good boy, you dare to hit me, if I don’t get you killed today, I’m not finished ……”

The woman growled, took out her mobile phone and started calling!

When several security guards saw Chen Ping beat up the woman, they felt relieved, but they also knew that if they did it, things would get bigger, so one of the security guards hurriedly ran to call the property manager!

The woman finished her call and then glared at Chen Ping with those Danfeng eyes, “Kid, wait for me, my husband will come and chop you up later ……”

“I don’t have time to fool around with you here, if you don’t move the car, I’ll give you a crash ……”

Chen Ping did not want to follow the woman entangled, this time have not been properly cultivated, Chen Ping to seize the time to cultivate!

“You still dare to crash my car? If you have the guts, just crash it, see if I don’t let you lose all your money ……”

The woman screamed, she didn’t believe Chen Ping really dared to crash it!

This was a multi-million dollar car, Chen Ping couldn’t afford to pay for it!

When he saw the woman’s appearance, Chen Ping knew it was useless to say anything else, so he got in his car and prepared to crash the Maserati in front of him!

But at that moment, Cui Zhiyuan and the others were led over by a salesgirl, ready to go in to see the property!

“Chen Ping?”

Upon seeing Chen Ping, Sun Xiaomeng shouted out with a surprised look on her face!

After all, not everyone could come to this place, and people like Chen Ping who had no money or power would rarely come here, but I wonder what Chen Ping was doing here!

Seeing that it was Sun Xiaomeng and Cui Zhiyuan and the others, Chen Ping casually asked, “Why are you here?”

“You’re still asking us, you should be asking why you’re here, right? We’re here to buy a house, what are you doing here?” Cui Zhiyuan looked at Chen Ping with contempt, and then looked at Chen Ping’s car following the Maserati in front of him and collided with it, and immediately gloated, “Chen Ping, your driving skills are not good either, why did you crash? Are you trying to break in behind someone else’s car?”