Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1822

After devouring that sword spirit, Chen Ping believed that the strength of the Dragon Cutting Sword would go to the next level.

Chen Ping took a deep breath, a golden light surfaced all over his body, and then a burst of green aura erupted from the Zhan Long Sword in his hand, and instantly the Zhan Long Sword was wrapped in a beam of green aura.

Looking at the woman who was getting closer and closer, Chen Ping’s eyes were full of provocation.

The woman’s eyes were cold, without a hint of fluctuation, and the Heaven Asking Sword in her hand, ruthlessly chopped at Chen Ping, a sword that came down and swallowed mountains and rivers.

Terrifying sword qi streaked across, this sword carried a devastating aura, instantly chopping at the Dragon Cutting Sword in Chen Ping’s hand.

On the side, Hu Ma Zi’s eyes were horrified, a touch of worry appeared on his face, and his breathing was a little shortness.

He did not expect a soul spirit to be able to emit such great power, and if this woman was not a soul spirit, then would her strength not be even more terrifying.


A sword cut down, the Heaven Asking Sword and that Dragon Cutting Sword collided heavily together, the ground shaking with a momentum that made the entire land of the sword mound tremble.

Without splashes of fire, the two sword energies, one green and one white, instantly entwined together and shot up into the sky like two tangled dragons, intertwining and entangling.

Hu Ma Zi tilted his head and looked at it with incredulity on his face, he had never seen such a scene before, two sword qi could even fight together.

In fact, it was not sword qi, but sword spirits, entwining with each other. The green mango was like a vast light, illuminating the entire land of sword mounds at this moment.

The white mango, on the other hand, desperately tried to cover the glory of the green mango, but the white mango looked very small under the green mango and was being swallowed up at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

“How is this …… possible?”

Looking at the scene in front of her, the woman’s eyes were filled with horror.

Soon, the white mane disappeared, while the glow of that green mane became even more dazzling, and then it returned to the Dragon Cutting Sword in Chen Ping’s hand, and instantly the Dragon Cutting Sword buzzed, and a sword qi shot out from that Dragon Cutting Sword.

The terrifying sword qi instantly cut a terrifying sword scar into the land of the sword mound, and the sword scar followed Chen Ping’s feet towards the woman, who shook her body and then hurriedly retreated backwards, followed by a long leap.

The sword marks continued for dozens of metres, the ground was cut into a deep gully, the sides rising high and being split in two, the sword Qi was as terrifying as it was.

In one move, the winner was clear. The woman looked at her Heavenly Sword, which by now had lost its lustre and was like a piece of broken iron, with no trace of spiritual energy left.

The woman was shocked and injected a surge of spiritual energy into the sword, trying to invoke the sword spirit out, but no matter how much the woman tried, the sword did not respond.

Without the sword spirit, the Heaven Asking Sword was a broken iron, not even as good as a treasure sword, it was a spiritual sword created by the sword master of the Sword Asking Sect, but now it had become broken iron.

“Still want to compare?”

Chen Ping looked at the woman and asked indifferently.

The woman’s face was expressionless, and the Asking Sword in her hand was casually thrown to the ground before she shook her head.

“Since you’ve lost, let us in, I’m just admiring the name and want to see that divine sword!”

Chen Ping did not want to beat the woman’s soul to death, so he said.

But who knew that the woman suddenly let out a bitter laugh, “That is not a divine sword, it is not a divine sword, that is a devilish sword that kills without blinking, our entire Asking Sword Sect was destroyed by the hand of that devilish sword!”

“Our Patriarch gathered all the elders of the Asking Sword Sect and used all our spirit swords to suppress that demonic sword only in this place.”

“And after so many years, the clansmen who originally died within the land of that sword mound have now absorbed the sword energy and turned into sword puppets, even I haven’t dared to enter once in the last hundred years!”

“If you insist on going in, you will definitely die ……”