Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1887

Chen Ping faintly closed his eyes and felt everything around him with his heart.

But apart from these auras, Chen Ping could not seem to feel anything at all!

Chen Ping tried hard to get rid of the scent of several people, and gently stroked the earth with one hand, so as to feel the scent of the earth, the flowers and gra*ses, and the countless trees!

Slowly, Chen Ping seemed to have entered a very strange world, in his mind, the flowers and plants, and even the whole earth, seemed to come alive and become living things!

The crawling of ants on the ground could all be clearly felt by Chen Ping at this moment.

They also seemed to sense Chen Ping’s presence, all emanating a different aura, whether it was the flowers and plants or the sky-high trees, they all seemed to have their own narrative!

Chen Ping’s hand gently pressed on the ground, and instantly a disembodied, yet real, sensation came from the earth!

At this moment, Chen Ping could clearly feel that not far ahead of him, a manic and terrifying aura was desperately breaking through the earth, and this should be the place where the ten thousand year old medicinal herb was going to emerge.

Only, the range that Chen Ping could feel now was very limited, beyond a hundred metres it turned into chaos, nothing could be felt!

“Could this be the so-called Heavenly Dao?”

Chen Ping muttered!

“What heavenly dao? Don’t tell me that you comprehended the Heavenly Dao ……”

Hu Pocky looked at Chen Ping with a face full of disbelief.

Pocky Hu himself did not even understand what the Heavenly Dao was, so he casually followed Chen Ping’s lecture and Chen Ping was able to comprehend the Heavenly Dao, wouldn’t that be too perverted.

“No, I just feel curious!”

Chen Ping smiled indifferently, for he too now had a plausible understanding, and did not know whether the feeling he had just had was comprehending the Heavenly Dao or not!

At this moment, Wan Hong had already set up the formation, and those black stones on the ground were all hidden in the gra*s, so if you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t be able to find them at all!

“With this spell formation, even if the herbs are out of this world, they won’t be able to find them, and then they will be mine!”

The corner of Wan Hong’s mouth lifted slightly, then he glanced around and quickly left!

Just as Wan Hong was about to leave, Hu Pazi wanted to rush out, after all, enemies meet enemies.

Only to be held down by Chen Ping: “Master Hu, the herb hasn’t arrived yet, you’ll definitely let many people know if you make a rash move now, wait until you get the herb, it’s not too late for you to take revenge, and this guy will definitely come when the herb comes out anyway ……”

Once Hu Ma Zi heard this, he then stared viciously at the back of that Wan Hong, his eyes flashing with killing intent!

The hatred of killing one’s father, the hatred of taking one’s wife, this is a hatred that cannot be shared with God!

Although the one who was cheated by Wan Hong was only Hu Pazzi’s girlfriend, that was still a lifelong shame that could not be erased.

Looking at Pocky Hu, Chen Ping couldn’t help but think of himself, if he hadn’t learned the art of immortality cultivation from the old leader!

He would still be living with endless shame!

Wan Hong was gone, and just as Chen Ping was about to reveal himself, there was a sudden faint trembling of the earth, followed by the sound of footsteps!

By the sound of it there were many people coming this way!

Chen Ping hurriedly hid again, and soon hundreds of people swarmed towards them!

The leader was Zheng An Guo, and the hundreds of men were all Zheng An Guo’s men!

“Surround this place, no one is allowed near here ……”

Zheng Anguo ordered loudly.

“As ordered ……”

Soon, hundreds of men surrounded the area for miles around, standing at regular intervals!!!