Phoenix Among Men Chapter 19

“Dad, just stop thinking nonsense!”

Su Yuqi turned her head to the side and was ignoring Su Wenzong!

In fact, within Su Yuqi, she really had a lot of good feelings towards Chen Ping, especially just now when she was facing Lin Tianhu, Chen Ping pushed her aside and took that step forward, giving Su Yuqi a sudden and inexplicable sense of security!

“Mr. Su, Lin Tianhu has left with his men and Mr. Chen has also left!”

The hotel manager said as he walked into the office.

“Hmm, got it!”

Su Wenzong nodded, and then said to Su Yuqi, “Yuqi, the medicinal herbs that Mr. Chen needs, you have to hurry up, the other thing is to send someone to secretly protect Mr. Chen, I think that Xiao family will definitely not be willing to give up!”

“Got it!”

Su Yuqi nodded and went to make the arrangements!

Chen Ping left the Regal Hotel and went straight back home, it was already noon now, so he thought his own mother must be waiting for him!

When Chen Ping returned home, he found a table full of food already seated, his own parents were waiting for him to return!

“It’s Chen Ping, isn’t it?”

Hearing the door open, Tang Hongying hurriedly asked.

“Mom, it’s me!”

Chen Ping said as he quickly stepped forward and held Tang Hongying up.

“You kid, you just got home and you’ve been out for half a day, your father has already prepared the food and is waiting for you to eat!”

Tang Hongying grumbled at Chen Ping, but her face was full of smiles!

“Mom, I went out on some errands!” Chen Ping explained, before looking at his father, Chen Baoguo, who was walking out of the kitchen, at that moment his head was full of white hair, his face was full of folds, and he had obviously changed a lot!

“You’re back!” Seeing Chen Ping, Chen Baoguo could see a hint of excitement in his eyes, but tried hard to restrain himself and not show it, instead he asked Chen Ping in a light manner.

“Mmm!” Chen Ping nodded, his eyes reddening.

His own father had once been an iron rice bowl and an enviable civil servant, dressed in a suit every day, and with a strong spirit, but looking at him now, in just three years, he looked like he had aged by more than ten years, and no longer had the same essence as before!

“Hurry up and eat, it will all get cold later!”

Chen Baoguo said, picking up a bowl of rice and placing it in front of Chen Ping.

He had never given Chen Ping a bowl of rice, nor had he ever been in the kitchen.

As the family ate, Chen Baoguo did not speak and neither did Chen Ping. In front of his father, Chen Ping always had a sense of fear, but it was Tang Hongying who kept on nagging!

“Chen Ping, come back, find a good job, find a girlfriend, although the family is poor now, you two do a good job, the days will be better.”

“Your father can save some money by sweeping the streets, I’ll ask your Aunt Six to introduce you to someone.

“Don’t go looking for Geng Shanshan either, she is now the young grandmother of the Xiao family, we can’t afford to mess with her, but we can avoid her!”

“Remember this time, don’t be foolish again, if you go in there again, this old life of mum will really be gone!”

Tang Hongying kept nagging, and Chen Ping could only nod in response!

After eating, Chen Ping took the initiative to clean up the dishes, while Chen Baoguo changed into the clothes of a sanitation worker and got ready to go to work.

“Dad, don’t go sweeping the streets, since I’m back, leave the household matters to me!”

Chen Ping said, pulling out a key, “I have a friend who has lent me his unused house, let’s clean it up and not live here anymore!”

The house here was really shabby and the environment was not good, Chen Ping wanted to bring his parents to live in Pan Long Bay, but he did not dare to tell the truth, he could only say that it was borrowed by a friend.