Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1907

And at this very moment, Hu Ma Zi is there, the charms in his hands striking towards the sky one by one!

Rumble …………

The thunder boomed even louder, and it was accompanied by a trembling of the earth!

“Chen Ping, you brat can’t forget about me when you get the ten thousand year old herb ……”

Hu Ma Zi was already drenched in sweat at this moment!

You know that casting this kind of spell is quite energy consuming!

The crowd felt the trembling of the earth and their speed increased even faster!

Seeing the crowd getting closer and closer, Pocky Hu struck a charm onto the ground instantly, and immediately afterwards the earth began to crack, as if something was about to rise up into the sky!

“The 10,000 year old medicinal herb is coming out ……”

Zhu Hao, the first one to arrive, shouted excitedly as he watched the earth continue to rumble.

Immediately afterwards, others arrived in a hurry!

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats as they watched the ground continue to rumble and fall, while up their hands unconsciously gripped their weapons.


Another boom, followed by a light that shot up into the sky, and the dark clouds in the sky were instantly dispersed by this light!

“It’s out of this world ……”

Zhu Hao was overjoyed as his entire body leapt up and headed straight for that light!

At the same time, countless people around him pulled themselves up, for the sake of the ten thousand year medicinal herb, these people were afraid that they wouldn’t even want their lives!

Since they had chosen to stay, they were planning to fight for their lives.

“Stop them ……”

Seeing this, Zhu Hao hurriedly ordered loudly.

Only to see the men Zhu Hao had brought with him start to stop those who were rushing towards the Ten Thousand Year Medicinal Herb!

The old man from the Zhu family, on the other hand, had an appalling aura erupting from his body, and his two palms came out in unison, instantly sending several figures flying out.

The strength of a Grand Marquis at his peak, that was no joke!

The old man’s palms waved like a fierce tiger descending a mountain, and there was no way for the others to get close to the ten-thousand-year-old medicinal herb!

Seeing the fierceness of the old man, many people dared not go forward, and dared not even think about the ten-thousand-year-old herb!

The Zhu Clan crowd formed a circle, surrounding Zhu Hao, while at this moment Zhu Hao grabbed a mountain ginseng on his body, grabbing it in mid-air!

“Hahahaha, I’ve got it, I’ve got it ……”

Zhu Hao laughed out loud with excitement.

The crowd looked at the mountain ginseng in Zhu Hao’s hand, and there was greed and envy in each of their eyes!

Zhu Hao wasn’t afraid of those people, he only put his eyes on Hong Qianjiu, as long as Hong Qianjiu didn’t hit on this herb, then no one could take the herb away from him!

Someone looked at the herb in Zhu Hao’s hand and couldn’t stand it anymore, his body leapt up and went towards Zhu Hao, trying to snatch the herb from his hand!

“Seek death ……”

The old man coldly snorted, followed by a slap out!


The old man waved his big hand and the guy who wanted to snatch the herbs was instantly slapped to death.

This time, no one dared to snatch it, they could only look at Zhu Hao with envy!

At the same time, on the other side!

Hu Pazzi ran back panting and said to Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, those fools have fallen for it, hurry up and take the ten thousand year old herb, you kid owes me a favour, it almost didn’t kill me!”

“Don’t worry Master Hu, I’ll definitely remember!”

Chen Ping smiled faintly, then his fingers pinched, and immediately afterwards a faint trembling began to arise on the ground!

Soon, a black stone rose up into the air, shimmering in the moonlight!

“Break ……”

With a wave of Chen Ping’s palm, those black stones instantly burst, and the formation laid down by Wan Hong instantly disappeared!

The very moment the formation disappeared, the entire mountain forest was instantly illuminated by a strange light!

Only to see a 10,000-year-old He Shou Wu growing quietly on the ground!

The Radix Polygala emits a golden glow, a radiant light that dwarfs even the moonlight!

When they saw this 10,000-year-old He Shou Wu, everyone’s eyes were wide open, their eyes filled with disbelief!