Phoenix Among Men Chapter 191

Xiao Lei faced Chen Ping, a chill instantly spread throughout his body, his whole body was like falling into a cave of ice!

“Chen …… Chen Ping …… you …… you don’t come over, you waste so many people of the Red Dragon Gang, the Red Dragon Gang will definitely not let you go ……”

At this time, Xiao Lei was still threatening Chen Ping with the Red Dragon Gang!

“Do you think I would be afraid of the Red Dragon Gang?” Chen Ping walked up to Xiao Lei with a cold smile on his face, “I am giving you a chance, you can continue to call people from the Red Dragon Gang, but this time you will have to call some experts ……”

Xiao Lei looked at Chen Ping with doubt in his eyes, but slowly took out his phone!

Seeing that Chen Ping didn’t stop himself, Xiao Lei called that Liao Fei Xiong!

“Mr. Xiao, it’s been dealt with so quickly, do you want to pay the final payment over?”

Once the phone call came through, Liao Fei Xiong asked with an excited face.

“Brother Xiong, your men are all wasted, they are no match at all, the members of your Red Dragon Gang are too rookie ……”

Xiao Lei complained discontentedly, thirty people, but they couldn’t even deal with Chen Ping alone!

When Liao Fei Xiong heard this, his entire body stood up with a scuffle, “What are you saying? My men were all ruined?”

“No, all of them have broken arms and legs, they are all wailing, don’t believe me, listen to …………”

Xiao Lei said, bringing his phone closer to those Red Dragon Gang members lying on the ground!

The miserable shouts made Liao Fei Xiong burst into a rage!

“D*mn it, who dares to touch our Red Dragon Gang’s people, tell me the address, I’ll go there immediately ……”

Liao Fei Xiong shouted!

Xiao Lei hung up the phone after telling the address, then looked at Chen Ping with a smug face and said, “Chen Ping, you have completely angered the Red Dragon Gang, soon Brother Xiong will be here, don’t leave if you dare, see if you can still be so arrogant later ……”

The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, “If I said I’d give you a chance, I will, I’ll be waiting here ……”

Chen Ping found a place and sat down directly, without the slightest hint of wanting to escape!

Seeing that Chen Ping actually did not escape, Xiao Lei’s eyes became more and more cruel, as long as Liao Fei Xiong came, Chen Ping would definitely die!

About ten minutes later, a number of cars came rushing by, followed by Liao Fei Xiong walking down from the car with his men!

“Hahahaha, Chen Ping, you’re dead, Brother Xiong is here ……”

Seeing that Liao Fei Xiong had arrived, Xiao Lei laughed out loud in triumph, and then hurriedly greeted him!

As soon as Liao Fei Xiong got out of the car, he looked at the men wailing all over the ground and was instantly enraged, “Who is it? Who the hell did that? You dare to lay your hands on our Red Dragon Gang, I will kill you today …………”

Liao Fei Xiong’s roar rang out for hundreds of meters around, Xiao Lei was so scared that he shivered when he heard Liao Fei Xiong’s roar!

“It’s me ……”

Chen Ping slowly got up and then walked towards Liao Fei Xiong!

When Liao Fei Xiong saw Chen Ping’s face, his entire person directly froze, so scared that he dared to utter a single word!

“Brother Xiong, it’s this kid, he’s the one who beat up these people from your Red Dragon Gang, you can’t let him go ……”

When Xiao Lei saw that Chen Ping still dared to admit it, he immediately said with an excited face!

But who knows, just as Xiao Lei finished his words, Liao Feixiong quickly walked up to Chen Ping and said with a respectful look, “So it’s Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry, I really didn’t know it was you ……”

When Xiao Lei saw that Liao Fei Xiong actually followed Chen Ping with a respectful attitude and apologized, his whole body was dumbfounded and his eyes were about to glare out!

“Brother Xiong, what are you doing? Why are you apologising to him? He’s just a reformed prisoner who just got out of prison, you don’t have to be afraid of him ……”

Xiao Lei said with a face full of confusion!

“Shut up ……” Liao Fei Xiong turned around and slapped Xiao Lei’s face hard.