Phoenix Among Men Chapter 194

“Why? What the hell is this for? What’s so great about that Chen Ping …………”

Xiao Lei hissed desperately, he couldn’t understand, wasn’t Chen Ping just a reformed labourer, why did so many people hail him and respect him!


Xiao Yan fiercely gave Xiao Lei another slap, causing Xiao Lei to shut his mouth instantly!

“I’m telling you, from now on, you are not allowed to mess with that Chen Ping, be respectful when you see him, I know you hate him in your heart, but it’s never too late for a great man to take revenge, when you don’t have the strength to deal with him, you better put away your dignity, otherwise you will be in big trouble …… ”

Xiao Yan got up and reprimanded Xiao Lei with a serious face!

Xiao Lei’s eyes flashed with an eerie cold aura and nodded slightly, he would not let Chen Ping go, but when he did not have the strength to deal with Chen Ping, he would temporarily put away his sharpness.

Otherwise, with these few people who came today, it would be easy for any one of them to deal with their Xiao family, and if several families joined together, their Xiao family would even die without a burial place!

Seeing that Xiao Lei understood his words, Xiao Yan sighed and gently patted Xiao Lei’s shoulder, “Let’s go, I hope you can grow this time ……”

“Brother Lei, Brother Lei …………”

Seeing that Xiao Lei was about to follow Xiao Yan and leave, Geng Shanshan hastily hugged Xiao Lei’s leg!

She only had Xiao Lei now, for the sake of Xiao Lei, she had offended Chen Ping, now if Xiao Lei didn’t care about her, then what would she do in the future?

Xiao Lei looked at Geng Shanshan with some reluctance in his eyes!

“Get lost ……” Xiao Yan on the side but kicked Geng Shanshan fiercely: “b*tch, I have long seen you as a sweeper …… ”

Originally Xiao Yan did not agree with the marriage between Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan, after all, the two families did not match, but Xiao Lei insisted on marrying Geng Shanshan, and Xiao Yan had no choice!

Now that this has happened because of Geng Shanshan, how can Xiao Yan agree with Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan being together again?

As Xiao Yan and Xiao Lei left, Geng Shanshan fell to the ground and sobbed bitterly!

On the other hand, Chen Ping was on his way home in Su Yuqi’s car and asked somewhat curiously, “How did you guys know that the Red Dragon Gang was looking for trouble with me?”

Chen Ping was curious as to how on earth did Gu Wentian, Lin Tianhu and Su Yuqi know that they were here.

“It was my aunt and uncle who called me, and when I found out, I immediately had my dad contact Lin Tianhu and Ancient ……”

Su Yuqi replied!

“My parents called?”

Chen Ping faintly stared!

But soon he figured out that it must have been Sun Xiaomeng who had informed his parents, and then his own parents had no choice but to contact Su Yuqi, after all, in their impression, a rich girl like Su Yuqi must be very powerful!

When Su Yuqi sent Chen Ping to the entrance of the district, she left without getting out of the car, after all, Chen Ping’s parents might still have some misunderstanding about Su Yuqi!

After Chen Ping got off the bus, he took two steps but found Wang Han Han behind a big tree, looking at him secretly!

When Wang Han Han saw that Chen Ping had spotted him, he was about to run away, but was stopped by Chen Ping.

“Han Han, what are you doing here at this late hour?”

Chen Ping asked strangely.

“Oh, nothing, I just had my fill and came down for a stroll, hurry up and go back, Uncle Chen and the others are still worried about you ……”

Wang Han Han said, and left in a hurry!

“What’s wrong with this girl?” Chen Ping looked at Wang Han Han’s back and shook his head before walking quickly towards his home!

At this moment, in Chen Ping’s home, Tang Hongying was wiping her tears, Chen Baoguo was smoking a cigarette with a sad face, Sun Fuhai was following Sun Xiaomeng, and that Wang Changfeng, was also comforting Tang Hongying!

“Hongying, don’t worry, Chen Ping will be fine, maybe he’ll be back later!”

Although Wang Changfeng was comforting Tang Hongying, her own face was also full of worry.