Phoenix Among Men Chapter 1956

Hong Qianjiu and his men were standing in the forefront with their respective men!

And in front of Hong Qianjiu and his men, there were a dozen of people lying around, all of them looked like they had lost their breath!

“What’s going on here?”

Jiang Wei looked at those people who had fallen to the ground and died, and asked in a very puzzled manner.

Hong Qianjiu’s face was very ugly and did not say anything, but it was that Zhu Hao who could not help but curse, “D*mn, there could be a mountain protection formation here, causing us to lose so many people.”

When Jiang Wei heard this, he instantly understood that these people in front of him were all from Hong Qianjiu and a few of their clans!

They should have wanted to be the first to enter inside, so they didn’t explore and ended up being decimated by the formation!

It was because of Hong Qianjiu and the others that no one behind them dared to act rashly!

With such a powerful formation, no one was willing to play with their lives!

For a while, thousands of people were here, only watching, no one wanted to break the formation!

After all, breaking the formation would require a lot of strength, and it might even cost them their lives, which would be cheaper for the others!

So they all watched, no one stepped forward to break the formation, and now they were all embarra*sed!

No one spoke, no one moved, only the sound of heavy breathing!

Around the hill in front of them, there was a constant flash of light, this was the hill’s protective formation, and the only way to get in was to break it!

Protected by such a huge formation, the crowd believed that there must be a lot of good things inside this relic.

Just as no one was moving and waiting quietly, Chen Ping swept his eyes around for a moment, trying to find Ning Zhi and the others, as well as the Lui factory he had seen in the tavern.

Because in Chen Ping’s mind, these people would pose a great threat to him!

It was a pity that Chen Ping couldn’t find them even after looking around, perhaps these people weren’t here, or they were hiding inside a corner!

“Senior, since we want all these people to enter inside this fake secret realm, why is there such a powerful formation set up outside, now it’s making no one dare to go in.”

Ning Zhi asked in a very puzzled manner.

He didn’t understand why he was thinking of tricking these people into going inside, yet he had to set up an obstacle!

The spirit inside Ning Zhi smiled faintly, “What do you know, the more powerful the formation outside is set up, the more they will look forward to the inside, they will flock in when the time comes, someone will definitely break through this formation, just take your time and wait.”

Time pa*sed and still no one moved, no one left, and no one went to break the formation!

Finally, an old man from an unknown clan, with a bearded face, walked towards the hill in front of him with a steady pace!

When the crowd saw that someone had moved, they all put their eyes on this old man.

Chen Ping saw that this old man was at the late stage of Great Martial Marquis, his strength was not bad, and knew that he must be a clan elder of some family type.

“Mr. Chen, can this man break through the formation?”

Jiang Wei looked at the old man who walked out and asked in a small voice.

“I’m not sure.” Chen Ping shook his head, “In a moment, if the formation breaks and you get inside, don’t be impulsive, and even more so, don’t make a move, wait for my order.”

Chen Ping ordered to Long Xingxu, Ge Fuhai and Jiang Wei.

The three men nodded, now they all listened to Chen Ping.

At this moment the old man walked up to the formation with a start, just after a flash of light, fiercely the old man let out an explosive shout, his voice was like rolling thunder.

A gust of wind was heard and the next thing you saw was a faint white mist coming out of the old man’s hand, and it began to swirl around his hand, forming a vortex!

No one knew what kind of kung fu the old man was using, they could only watch in silence!

“Break ……”

The old man waved his palm out, the majestic aura instantly exploded, many people retreated backwards, feeling the terrifying power, everyone felt that the formation was definitely going to be broken!