Phoenix Among Men Chapter 196

Chen Ping, however, gave a cold hum at that moment, making that Cui Zhiyuan sound very uncomfortable in his heart!

“Chen Ping, what do you mean?” Cui Zhiyuan asked.

“Nothing, you want to treat the company as your own home? You’re just a small department manager, how dare you gang up on us?”

Chen Ping said with a face full of disdain!

“I am a small department manager, but I am also your top supervisor, I am now announcing that you are fired ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said with a grim face!

In the past, there was that Xing Jun in the company, trying to get Chen Ping to work inside the company, and then looking for opportunities to humiliate Chen Ping, now that Xing Jun has been fired, Cui Zhiyuan has nothing to worry about!

“Who are you to fire me?” Chen Ping asked in a cold voice.

“On what grounds? Just because I’m your boss, in the sales department, I can fire whoever I want, don’t you have a mansion, no need to experience life here, you can leave now ……”

Cui Zhiyuan didn’t want Chen Ping to stay here, because Chen Ping was a time bomb, stirring up his whole sales department!

“Zhiyuan, how can you say that Chen Ping has signed a contract with Tianmei, can you …………”

At this moment, Sun Xiaomeng spoke up, she wanted to plead for Chen Ping!

“You shut up!” Cui Zhiyuan yelled at Sun Xiaomeng, “I see if you’ve taken a liking to this kid? How dare you plead for him? The day before yesterday, you even put off my elaborate dinner party for him, you didn’t even discuss the wedding event, do you f*cking fancy him ……”

Cui Zhiyuan roared with a red face, which made Sun Xiaomeng instantly become embarra*sed beyond belief.

“What are you …… talking nonsense about?” Sun Xiaomeng explained desperately, “It’s because at that time Chen Ping was in a bit of danger and I went to tell his family to go, what did you think of ……”

“Cut the f*cking crap, I’m going to fire him today, no one is going to stop me ……”

Cui Zhiyuan’s eyes were wide open as if he was a lion in a frenzy!

Chen Ping then also knew why this Cui Zhiyuan was suddenly abnormal today, it turned out to be because of Sun Xiaomeng not going to the dinner party because of himself!

Everyone in the sales department watched quietly, no one would plead for Chen Ping, even Zhang Tongjian who was in Chen Ping’s group at the beginning was also silent!

Wang Lanlan was gloating, she wasn’t gloating about Chen Ping being fired, but because Cui Zhiyuan was quarrelling with Sun Xiaomeng, if the two had separated, she would have had the chance to follow Cui Zhiyuan openly and honestly!

The two of them have actually secretly had sex several times behind the scenes, all on Wang Lanlan’s initiative, and Wang Lanlan is Sun Xiaomeng’s best friend, and every time there is something, the three of them go together, also to be able to follow Cui Zhiyuan to have more contact opportunities!

Now that Cui Zhiyuan is following Sun Xiaomeng with a rift, Wang Lanlan’s heart is already excited!

“Manager Cui, you …………”

“Shut up, if you don’t want to do it either, get lost along with me ……”

Wang Han Han wanted to plead for Chen Ping, but just as the words left his mouth, he was scolded back by Cui Zhi Yuan!

Chen Ping looked at Cui Zhiyuan coldly, his eyes getting colder and colder as he said, “You are not qualified to fire me, and the one to be fired, I think, is you ……”

“What?” Cui Zhiyuan froze, then laughed out loud, “Chen Ping, can you stop bragging all the time? I am the biggest in the sales department, I can fire whoever I want, unless you are not an employee of my sales department, only unfortunately you are now, so you have to obey my arrangement, and you still want to fire me? You don’t even look at yourself what kind of virtue you are ……”

“I know best what I am like myself, unfortunately it is you who cannot see yourself, soon you will know who is being fired ……”

Chen Ping finished speaking and sat straight back at his workstation!