Phoenix Among Men Chapter 198

Cui Zhiyuan himself was comfortable in his heart as he listened, with a smug face.

“Don’t worry, if I really want to become the general manager, the treatment of the sales department will definitely be improved ……”

Cui Zhiyuan waved his hand and said.

“Long live Manager Cui ……”

“Manager Cui is fantastic, this general manager position is definitely Manager Cui’s!”

“When Manager Cui becomes the general manager, then the position of sales department manager, it will definitely be Xiaomeng’s, congratulations to Xiaomeng!”

Some people started to congratulate Sun Xiaomeng!

After all, Cui Zhiyuan and Sun Xiaomeng were lovers, so if Cui Zhiyuan became the general manager, Sun Xiaomeng’s position as sales manager would definitely be inevitable!

Everyone congratulated Sun Xiaomeng, and Wang Lanlan also looked happy, faking her congratulations, but in her heart, she was already jealous!

“Well, it hasn’t been announced yet, don’t shout around, let’s hurry to the meeting!”

Cui Zhiyuan urged!

Soon, Cui Zhiyuan led the sales department towards the meeting room!

After Cui Zhiyuan walked into the meeting room with the Sales Department, he saw that Chen Ping was in there.

“Chen Ping?” When Cui Zhiyuan saw Chen Ping, he said with a surprised look on his face, “Why are you here? Who told you to come here? Didn’t I tell you to leave?”

“This isn’t your home, and this isn’t the sales department either, so what do you care?”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

“Chen Ping, do you know what kind of place this is? And do you know who owns the seat you’re sitting in? You’re simply looking for death ……”

Wang Lanlan said with a sneer when she saw that Chen Ping was actually sitting in the chairman’s seat!

“Brother Chen Ping, what are you …… doing here? Did you get transferred to work in logistics?”

Wang Han Han saw that Chen Ping had just been wiping down the tables and chairs and thought that Chen Ping had become the cleaning of the logistics!

“Chen Ping, this is the chairman’s position, even the general manager is not qualified to sit, get up quickly ……”

Sun Xiaomeng winked towards Chen Ping .

If this Chen Ping was found out, I’m afraid he would be kicked out immediately!

“This was originally my seat, why should I get up?”

Chen Ping said in disbelief!

“Haha, Chen Ping, can you stop bragging, this is the chairman’s position, right now Chairman Su is in the company, if she sees you, you’ll be dead ……”

Cui Zhiyuan said with a big smile!

“Manager Cui, although you fired Chen Ping, but the personnel department has not filed yet, now Chen Ping is still our sales department, if he is found out by the chairman and the chairman is angry, will it implicate you?”

Someone warned at Cui Zhiyuan!

At this moment, Cui Zhiyuan panicked, although he had fired Chen Ping, but only the internal sales department knew about it, it had not yet pa*sed through the personnel department, if Chen Ping really messed up here, in the end, the punishment would still be borne by their sales department.

Thinking of this, Cui Zhiyuan’s face became increasingly ugly as he glared at Chen Ping with both eyes and said, “Chen Ping, get up and get out now, this is not a place for you to stay, I know what you think, are you trying to take advantage of this opportunity and then make trouble here to tarnish the reputation of our sales department?”

As soon as the crowd heard this, they all pointed accusing fingers at Chen Ping, if the chairman punished them for the sales department, none of them would be able to escape!

“Chen Ping , get lost quickly, don’t make a stinky fish make a pot full of fishy!”

“I really didn’t expect you to be this kind of person, you have a heavy heart, how dare you use this method to get back at us!”

“Let’s all kick him out, if he doesn’t leave, we’ll throw him out ……”

The crowd from the sales department gathered around Chen Ping and yelled!

But Chen Ping acted as if nothing was wrong, still sitting in the chairman’s seat and had no intention of getting up.